Why do i have difficulty falling in love

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to fall in love with someone

If you are asking yourself this question then either you don’t fall in love often or either you are never 100% convinced by the people you like.

We fall in love with people who meet a certain criteria present in our mind that is called “The subconscious criteria”. This criteria is formed based upon our past experiences, our relationship with our parents, the events that happened in our lives and many other factors.(see The psychology of falling in love).

If you don’t fall in love then this means that you are either not meeting enough people or that you are meeting the wrong people.

Meeting the wrong people

In my article how to make someone love you I explained how we sum up all of our resources to come up with a certain total score that determines our own worth.

You will hardly fall in love with someone before you find out that he has a higher total score than you or at least an equal score. If you never come across such people then most probably you are going to the wrong places and meeting the wrong people.

If you are interested in the intellectual type more than any other type then spending your whole time clubbing won’t lead you anywhere. People are divided into segments according to their own interests and based on that they visit different places that help them satisfy these interests.

You must make a list of the traits that must be present in the person you are looking for then find out where might such a person go. Once you figure out your potential partner’s interests you will easily be able to find the places he goes to and then you could encounter him there. (see How to find my soul mate).

Not meeting new people

I really wonder why do some people stay at home most of the time, rarely socialize then wonder why don’t they meet their potential partners?

A friend of mine have previously told me that she never meets interesting people and was wondering how to fall in love with someone, I told her where do you spend most of your time and she answered “At home”

I then told her, “Then you should never expect one day to open the refrigerator and find your potential partner coming out”

If you want to meet someone you love then you must be social, dynamic and visit the right place.

In addition, you have to understand your psychological needs perfectly so that you visit the places where you will most likley meet your potential partner.

Ask yourself questions such as, what do i really want in life? How should the person i want to be with look like?

These questions will give you clues on the places you should be going to. If you did that randomly without assessing your needs first then you might end up fishing in the wrong pool.

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