How to forget someone you love so much

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to forget someone you love so much

Yesterday I got a mail from one of my readers telling me that she has done everything to forget the person she used to love. She told that she has deleted his pictures, stopped chatting with him online and even deleted his contact but still she "sees him in every place she goes to and wishes that he was with her".

It’s clear that my friend has done some of the advice that can help people get over an old relationship but she didn’t pay attention to a very important point, thinking about a person in such a way is one of the biggest mistakes that can hinder recovery.

Its not about deleting his pictures, its about deleting him from your mind

I strongly agree with deleting pictures because this helps the subconscious mind realize that the relationship is really over, however, you can’t delete the person's picture in the morning then keep thinking about him in the evening.

The subconscious mind needs solid proofs to believe that the relationship is over in order to start healing but with such contradicting messages, it will become attached to the little hope that appears to be present. (See The anatomy of acceptance).

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how such thoughts can hinder recovery and prevent people from getting over the ones they loved.

Thinking about someone you loved will only remind you of the good times you spent together, will let you recall the good feelings you had with him and will strengthen your desire to bring him back.

What to do if you can’t control your thoughts

We are not robots and certainly we will remember the person we used to love every now and then but the problem is not in remembering the person but its in allowing these thoughts to grow by remembering the old times, wishing he was here and by thinking of the possibility of getting him back. (see How to forget someone fast).

When people lose hope in getting something that they really wanted they usually become depressed, however in relationships it works the other way around, when you lose hope in getting someone you loved so much you start to recover.

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