How to get lucid dreams (techniques for controlling your dreams )

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why bother controlling your dreams?

Imagine that you can dream of whatever you want, get rid of your nightmares and visualize your goals while dreaming, wont that be a great thing?

Fortunately this is not pure imagination because controlling your dreams can be possible after some training. The only requirement to control your dreams is to learn how to induce a lucid dream. In Lucid dreams the person becomes aware that he is dreaming and so he can control his dream.

Reality testing and controlling your dreams

if you want to control your dreams then you should first teach yourself how to know whether you are dreaming or whether you are awake (see the guide to lucid dreaming). One of the popular methods that can help you know if you are dreaming or not is called reality testing.

Reality testing is the act of constantly checking your surroundings (while you are awake) in order to prove to yourself that you are not dreaming. This can be done by writing something on your palms then checking it every now and then to prove to yourself that you are not dreaming.

If you kept on doing reality tests few times each day you may end up finding yourself doing reality tests while being asleep too and so you will know that you are dreaming and thus have a lucid dream!!

Suggestions and inducing lucid dreams

Using Suggestions is one very powerful method for inducing lucid dreams. You just have to keep thinking about getting a lucid dream just before you fall asleep.

One thing that can make the technique much more effective is walking up at the middle of the night, staying up for few minutes then getting back to sleep while focusing on getting a lucid dream.

Cycle adjustment technique

This method for controlling dreams was developed by Daniel Love. The main idea of this technique is helping you realize that you are dreaming in the last part of the night because at that time the rem cycle is the longest and so the possibility of dreaming is much higher.

You just have to wake up 90 minutes earlier for several days and do any of the reality checks. After that you should revert back to your normal waking up time again. If the method was successful you may find that in the last 90 minutes of sleep you started to do the regular reality tests even though you are still asleep and so you may have a lucid dream.

dream control final notes

Dreams are not hallucinates but they are a method of communication between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Controlling your dreams may result in letting you lose a healthy channel of communication between your conscious and unconscious mind. My advice is to control your dreams when you really have to or when you want to get rid of a nightmare and not just when you want to have fun or to try something new.

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