How to get over job rejection

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Methods to cope with job rejection

There are so many methods that can possibility help you get over job rejection such as knowing that it has nothing to do with your worth, quickly looking for another one or improving your skills.

And while all of these methods can help you feel better still there is another method that can't just end the pain but that can also transform your life completely. I call it the Jan Koum way.

Back in 2009 Jan Koum was a young guy who was passionate about technology. He heard about Facebook, the large tech company, and so he decided to apply for a job there but unfortunately he got rejected.

The Jan Koum way

So what did Jan Koum do?
Instead of searching for another job he decided to start his own Tech company. He thought about creating an app that allows people to message each other on the phone and so he started working on his idea with his other partner Brian Acton who was also rejected by Facebook.

After some Hard work they produced Whatsapp!
Whatsapp Grew rapidly and by 2013 around 400 million people were using the service. Almost half of the number of facebook users at that time.

Facebook then decided to buy the growing business Whatsapp for 19 Billion dollars!
Overnight Jan Koum and Brian Acton became billionaires after taking this sum of money from the company that rejected them few years ago.

How to get over job rejection

There are many lessons that we can learn from this story, here are the most important ones:

  • 1) No matter how small you think you are you can make a giant bow: Facebook had to pay 19 billion to the people it rejected earlier just because they believed in themselves so much. Had those people believed that this rejection makes them worthless they would have never created whatsapp
  • 2) Experts can be wrong: This story also happened when the founder of Honda was rejected by Toyota only to come back as a competitor few years later. Interviewers, experts, editors and all of those people who reject others make fatal mistakes sometimes just like anybody else. The moral of the story is: a rejection from an expert should never shake your self esteem
  • 3) Some people should just never be messed with, become one of them!: Jan Koum is an example of a person you shouldn't mess with. Facebook rejected him so he forced them to pay 19 billion in few years. Be one of those people. Don't let somebody reject you or put you down then get away with it.

Next time you get rejected after applying for a job think about the Jan Koum way.

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