How to let nothing stand in your way

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to let nothing stand in your way

Hey Farouk, Do you practice what you preach?
That's a popular question people ask me often.

But what does this question has to do with letting nothing stand in your way? Forget about that question for a while and listen to this story that happened to me yesterday.

A true story

Each Monday i swim in the pool. Swimming is part of my exercising schedule that i follow religiously. Yesterday When i woke up i was surprised to find unclear sky even though the whole week was sunny. I ignored the weather, took my stuff and went to the pool only to find it closed for maintenance!

I felt disappointed because i didn't want to ruin my exercising schedule! I went to the workers at the pool and asked them when they are going to finish and they said that the pool will be closed until Friday!

At this point i thought about going home but i remembered one thing. Today is the swimming day so i will swim even if there is no pool! I contacted some of my friends only to know that there is another pool somewhere in the city but it requires annual membership!

I decided to go and tell the people there that i wanted to test the pool. After 1 hour, several phone calls and some negotiation i managed to reach that other pool only to be told that professional training will start shortly and that i can't use the pool.

I felt disappointed once again but i decided i wont go home that day before i swim. I took my car and i kept searching for other pools but i didn't find any so i decided to go back to that pool once again and give it another try.

I went there took my cloths off and while i was about to jump a guy stopped me telling me that the pool will be closed in 15 minutes. I told him, if i didn't finish in 15 minutes don't ever let me in again!

I jumped in the water, squeezed my training in 15 minutes then went home happy.

Learn these traits and nothing will stand in your way

As much as this was a simple example it clearly demonstrated all the personality traits that you need to have in order to let nothing stand in your way. Lets analyze them together:

  • 1) Give up when you die: Some people would have delayed their schedule as soon as they noticed the bad weather, the majority of people would have gave up on swimming as soon as discovered that the pool was closed while more than 90% of the people wouldn't have thought about trying again right after failing to enter the second pool. Getting what you want in life is all about deciding not to give up no matter what! As for giving up, you will have enough time to do it when you die
  • 2) Flexibility: Flexibility is the ability to make changes in your plan while keeping your main goal intact, My main goal was to swim but i was Flexible enough to think about changing the pool as soon as i found the first one closed. (see How to be flexible in life)
  • 3) Be brave: Swimming on a cold day was risky, wasting a lot of time to find another pool was risky and trying to compress my training in 15 minutes was risky as well. If you want to let nothing stop you in life then be brave enough to take risks and to keep moving forward

The way you behave when facing simple situations such as the one described above affects the way your brain works. If you allowed nothing to stop you while dealing with small problems then you will find yourself acting the same with bigger problems.

As for practicing what i preach, of course i do, this was just one simple example that explains how i do it.

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