How to persuade someone to do something

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to persuade someone to do something

Learning how to persuade someone is a very important skill because whomever you are one day you will find yourself in need to persuade someone in order to reach a goal or to get something that you want.

I know you are fed up of the traditional advice people always give and that's why i will tell you about unconventional persuasion methods that aren't known to the most.

In this article i will tell you how to persuade someone to do anything.

How to persuade someone

  • why do people resist?: People resist persuasion because they might have opposing beliefs or because they might want to remain in their comfort zone. Understanding the reason behind the resistance is extremely important because this is how you are going to know what you are going to do next
  • In case people have opposing beliefs: At this point your only way to persuade them is to change their beliefs or at least shake them if you can't change them. Beliefs can be changed by showing people that you know more than them, by using numbers or charts, by appearing very confident and by showing them that everyone else agrees with you except them (see social proof theory)
  • In case people want to remain in their comfort zone: People who want to remain in their comfort zone are similar to those who have opposing beliefs, the only difference is that the first group have false beliefs about the world. If you want to persuade such people then you need to reassure them that they are going to be safe by letting them know the facts that they aren't aware of so that they view of the world becomes fixed
  • Let them drink coffee: A recent research has shown that when people drink coffee they become more likely to be persuaded. The reason this happens is that those people become more alert and become able to process information faster. Let the person drink coffee first or even red bull then use logical arguments and he will become persuaded
  • Sit beside him not in front of him Another study has shown that people can be persuaded faster if you sat beside them rather than in front of them. When you sit in front of a person then try to persuade him he unconsciously thinks that you are an enemy instead of a foe. Sitting beside the person you are trying to persuade will help you avoid this problem
  • Speak faster A third study has shown that speaking faster makes the person you are trying to persuade think that you are knowledgeable and confident, this in turn makes your words more persuasive. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that you can convince a person to believe in your words even if they make no sense if you appeared confident enough, this study proves those words true
  • Let him see through your eyes: If at any points you managed to let the other person think using your own beliefs and make his calculations based on the facts you know then certainly he will be persuaded. So the question is, how to do this? its as simple as making sure that he has all of the information you currently have in your mind. Make sure you let the person see the full picture you are seeing and he will become persuaded much easier

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