How your dreams affect your mood

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The connection between dreams and mood

Am pretty sure you already know that going to bed while you are feeling bad might result in a bad dream but do you know that the opposite is quite true?

Do you still remember the last time you had a bad dream then woke up feeling distressed?
The dreams you see at night can change your mood on the next day to a great extent even if you can't remember them.

The important fact you should be aware of is that even if the dreams weren't that intense they can still play a great role in altering your mood the next day.

How dreams can change your mood

Here are few popular examples of dreams that impact the mood the next day:

  • 1) A bad dream that you can't remember: Ever went to sleep feeling good only to wake up feeling bad even if nothing has changed? In such a case its usually a bad dream that you can't remember. Because our subconscious minds can't really tell the difference between dreams and reality a bad dream can affect the mood even if you can't consciously remember it
  • 2) Dreaming of someone you used to like: If you used to like someone then dreamed of him then there is a big chance that you will become more attracted to him the next day or for few days even if you didn't think about the person for sometime. The intensity of the dream will also determine the extent with which you will think about that person
  • 3) An unpleasant dream that you can remember: Even when you can remember an unpleasant dream it will still affect your mood for sometime until something else happens and your mood changes again

What can you do about that?

Its not uncommon to feel irritated for a whole day just because you had an unpleasant dream and that's why its extremely important to learn how to reduce the effect those dreams have on you.

In my previous article How to have good dreams i said that by taking simple actions such as adjusting your sleeping conditions you can actually improve the quality of your dreams.

If for example you were feeling cold while you are asleep then there is a big chance that you might have an unpleasant dream. In addition to this step make sure you don't go to bed before dealing with all of your important issues or at least writing your thoughts about them down.

By doing so you will release some of the suppressed emotions and reduce the chance of getting a bad dream.

Do you want to control the dreams you see at night?
What if you can choose your dreams or alter them?

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