Not prepared for an exam (Dream interpretation)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Not prepared for an exam (Dream interpretation)

Have you seen that dream before?
This dream comes in many different forms and its one of the very popular dreams.

During that dream a person suddenly finds that he has to take an exam that he didn't prepare for. In other cases the person sees himself at the beginning of a new semester then he forgets about the lectures for sometime only to find out that he never attended any of them on the exam day.

This dream can also take another form which is finding that you don't have enough time to study, that you don't have all the books you need or that you are clueless about the chapters you should study.

In all cases this dream has the same exact meaning which is believing that you are not prepared to face an important life challenge.

Why do people see that dream

In my previous articles about dream interpretation i said that the symbols people see in the dream depend to a great extent on the things they get exposed to in real life. Because many people have been taught that exams are crucial for determining their fate their subconscious minds start to use them to refer to important life challenges.

A dream is usually a reflection of what's going on in your real life. If for some reason you believed that you are not prepared to take an important life challenge then you might get that dream.

Here is an example of a situation where you might see that dream. If you don't get a good pay and if you eagerly want to change your job but in the same time believe that you are stuck in your current one then you might get that dream.

This dream can also happen when you find yourself unable to solve an important life problem (usually because of lack of skills). Again the lack of skills is symbolized in the form of the lack of studying materials or the lack of time. (see How to solve life problems)

Why do i keep seeing that same dream

If solving that specific life problem was very important to you and if you failed to find a soloution for it then most probably the dream will visit you again.

Dreams can have many purposes and there are many theories that try to explain them but one sure thing is that some dreams can be a reminder to let you focus on finding a solution to a problem that is troubling you. (see Dream interpretation)

Such dreams are the alarm clocks that remind you of the fact that some important matters still need to be dealt with. When you find a soloution to such a problem that dream will disappear or you might even see it again but this time you will have enough time to study and the studying material won't be missing.

When you start looking at dreams that way you won't just be able to understand them but you will also be able to improve your life since your conscious mind will start to cooperate with your subconscious mind to make your life better.

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