Feelings of inferiority and motivation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

feelings of inferiority and motivation

When most people hear the word inferiority they incorrect think of inferiority complex. While inferiority complex is a disorder that happens when the person forms a belief that he is less worthy than others the feelings of inferiority are normal feelings that are experienced by human beings during their lives.

Feelings of inferiority are in fact one of the most powerful motivating feelings a person can get. If you didn't feel inferior about something you might never think about improving it or striving for success.

How can feelings of inferiority help you succeed

Most successful people in this world have achieved their success because of feeling inferior during some period in their lives.

The billionaire who started from scratch and built a large financial empire might have previously felt inferior because of finding that he doesn't have money while everyone around him does.

The martial arts master might have achieved this status because of the feelings of inferioirty he experienced when he felt that he is weak.

Inferiority turns into inferiority complex when you don't take actions

If a person acted upon his feelings of inferiority and tried to improve his life he will certainly become successful and his inferiority feelings will disappear.

On the other hand if the person didn't take any actions and decided to escape or suppress his emotions his inferiority might turn into and inferiority complex.

One of the theories i really like about the development of inferiority complex states that each child feels inferior when he is born as a result of finding himself weak compared to all the people around him.

If that child managed to develop in a proper way his feelings of inferiority will disappear and he will become a healthy adult. On the other hand, if that child decided to cope with this problem by escaping from it then certainly he will develop inferiority complex.

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