self image, self esteem and the first impression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self image, self esteem and the first impression

One of the problems that trouble people who have self a poor self image is thinking that they always leave a bad first impression. A self image problem in simple is the problem that occurs when the person develops a deformed image of his physical looks in his mind as a result of the criticism he received in his life.

Such a problem always results in low self esteem because when the person who has a poor self image meets someone he thinks that this person didn't like his looks and so the self image problem grows bigger.

Why do people have poor self image?

Why would someone have a different image for his physical looks in his mind than his real looks?

most probably the distorted self image that you have of yourself was due to your poor past experiences. You may have been called names such like fool or loser by your colleagues to an extent that you associated those names with your physical looks .

The good news i have for you if your poor self image affects your self esteem is that people perceive looks based on their own past experiences. This means that each person sees you differently than others and that even if you think that you are not attractive others might think otherwise.

For example if i knew someone who was nice to me and then i met someone new who looks like that nice person i might assume that he is nice too while if i met someone who
looks like my arrogant boss i might think that he is arrogant too.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A person might think that you are attractive just because you remind him of someone who had good personality traits that attracted him earlier.

Self image and over generalization

While reading this article you might remember that someone actually told you that he doesn't like your looks.

In such a case your problem is not with your self image as much as its with your thinking patterns. The over generalization way of thinking is an incorrect thinking pattern that makes people judge themselves based on one situation.

What i am trying to say is that its quite possible that few people don't find you attractive but this doesn't mean by any means that there are no others who will find you attractive.

Whether the problem is in your mental self image or your negative thinking pattern you must understand that working on changing your beliefs and thoughts is the right solution to both of them.

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