How to Unleash Your True Potential

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Unleashing your true Potential

Unleashing your true potential can be done by knowing the exact limits of your potential.

Most of the people who don’t reach their true potential fail to do it because they underestimate their abilities and this usually results in accepting mediocre results.

If I brought you a box and told you that it weights one million pounds you may never try to lift it But what if I was lying to you? What if it was really light?

If you believed me without trying to carry the box the result will be setting a new limit for your potential and an additional “I can’t do it” will be added to your list of impossible tasks.

If the example of the box seemed not to be related to your life then you didn’t get it yet. Life is full of such boxes everywhere around you and it’s also full of people who will convince you that you can never carry them. The more you believe them the more you will be limiting your true potential.

How Do People Limit their own Potential

When Sam was 15 everyone told him that he can never have everything he wanted.
When he became 17 everyone told him that he won’t be a millionaire.

When he reached 19 his friends told him that it’s almost impossible to find a good job. When he approached 21 his close friend told him that he has to choose between his career and his hobby because no one can keep both together.

And when he became 22 another person told him that there is another thing that he cant do and when he became 23 the same happened. These situations kept happening with him as he kept growing.

Sam now has very well defined limits for his, skills, abilities and potential. The only problem is that he never defined these limits himself but the people around him are the ones who defined them for him. His friends, His family and his colleagues limited his potential, by convincing him that he can’t do lots of things.

The Accumulation Effect

I didn’t say that one person was bad enough to fill Sam’s mind with all these false ideas but what happened is that each person convinced Sam that he cannot do one thing And the result was thinking that he can’t do hundreds of things!! (see How limiting beliefs are created)

But what if those people were right?
In fact when someone tells you that something is impossible its usually because he couldn't do it himself. For example:

  • A friend of mine who failed to find a good job told me once that its impossible to find a good job in Alexandria where i live
  • A friend of mine who know nothing about time management told me once that its impossible to keep on your hobbies after starting to work
  • Another friend of mine who was depressed once told me that life is so depressing

If someone failed to do something then he will tell you that its impossible And if someone was unhappy he will tell you that happiness is an illusion. Everyone talks about himself and thinks that this is how the world works. (see How to live happy life)

If you want to unleash your true potential then tell those people that you are not like them.

Tell them that we were not created equal and tell them that if they failed to do something then this doesn’t mean that you will fail too. Don’t let someone define your reality for you, instead, define your own reality.

Unleashing your true potential can only happen when you stop letting people define your potential for you.

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