removing anchors

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Anchor formation

In order to know how to get rid of an anchor you must have some basic idea about how an anchor is formed. a scientist named Pavlov once made an experiment by bringing a dog and ringing a bell each time a meal was presented to the dog.

Few days later he rang the bell without bringing the dog any food only to discover that the dog salivated when the bell rang although no food was brought.

What happened now is that the dog connected the two events together in such a way that the occurrence of one of them reminded it of the other. This process is called anchoring or classical conditioning

Anchor removal

The experiment didn't end here. Pavlov started to feed the dog normally without ringing the bell and then few days later when he rang the bell he discovered that the dog did not salivate !!

What happened here is that the anchor was removed completely and the two events were no longer connected together in the dog's mind. But why was the anchor broken??

The anchor was broken because one of the events kept happening alone (the food with no bell sound) without the occurrence of the other event.

How can you remove your own anchors

you can do the same exact thing to remove your unwanted anchors and so improve your life. For example if listening to a certain song reminds you of a bad memory then you should hear the song over and over without thinking of the bad memory or while feeling happy.

By doing so the anchor will be broken and the song will no longer remind you of the bad memory.

You can also use this method to get over a person you used to love. Right after breakups many people do the mistake of going to the same places they used to go to together with their relationship partner then think about him.

The right way to break that anchor is to go to these same places while forcing yourself to think of something else. As the time passes the anchor will weaken and those places will no longer remind you of that person anymore.

Anchor removal is a useful technique that can help you improve your life and get over many of the bad moods you encounter. Just remember that the basic action you must follow is to keep doing one of the events that remind you of the unwanted one while trying not to think of the unwanted one.

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