7 Reasons why sometimes it is better to be single

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

1- You see the real world

So many people jump into relationships in order to distract themselves and escape from their life problems. As the time passes the lives of those people usually collapse as they never tackle their real problems. Those people never notice those problems until they become single and that's why they can hardly live a day without a relationship. (see also 5 signs you are a love addict)

2- You figure out what you really want in life

When getting into a relationship becomes a goal people easily forget about their other life goals then rediscover them as soon as they get into a relationship and this is when they usually get really disappointed.

3- You get really tough

When you face life problems alone you get to develop thick skin, you become more self reliant, your ability to absorb shocks gets better and you get emotionally stronger.

4- You know why relationships fall apart

When you take your time to watch couples from a distance you start to figure out why so many relationships fail. This kind of experience can help you get into a very healthy relationship when the right time comes. (see also The right time for marriage)

5- You get much better opportunities

People who can't stand being single usually go for the first chance they get and as a result they lose much better opportunities. By waiting until you find what you really deserve you can increase your chance of finding a great partner. (see also Why so many people choose the wrong mates)

6- You have all the time you need

Want to travel somewhere? Is there an important book that you need to read? Want to study for a course? When you are single you will have much more free time to do whatever you want without being nagged by anybody.

7- You know exactly your real needs

When people keep jumping from one relationship to the other they lose the connection with themselves and fail to recognize their real needs. When you stay single for some time you will figure out what you really want out of a relationship and your chance of having a better relationship will be much higher. (see How to choose the right person)

Important note

This is not an invitation to stay single but it's a warning for people who don't spent a week on their own. If you are a love addict (a person who can't live without a relationship) then you must take a short break and figure out why your life is so intolerable that you need any distraction to survive.

Beliefs such as "life has no meaning without a good relationship" are the defense mechanisms your mind uses to prevent you from thinking that there is something wrong with your life.

Relationships can be like drugs when approached the wrong way. A healthy relationship is a one that you get into because you found someone who can really help you grow and not a one that you get into because your life is so messed up that you can't spent one day by yourself.

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