Why are so many people getting divorced

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are so many people unsatisfied with their relationships

Why are so many people getting divorced?
Why are so many people unsatisfied with their relationships?
Why do people do their best to get into a relationship then decide to end it later on?

There are so many reasons that lead to divorce or breakups but there is one very popular reason that is responsible for the termination of most relationships.

The most dangerous thing about that specific reason is that most people don't become aware of it before its too late.

Most people don't get what they really want in life but they just get the best they can get. Talk to any person about his dreams and you will realize that he is living a life that is way far from them.

The same thing goes for relationships, many people give up on what they really want and go for the best they can get instead of waiting until they find their dream partner.

Why are so many people getting divorced

In one of my previous articles i said that a very big part of getting what you want in life is refusing to settle for what you don't really want.

Now the important question is, why do so many people get into relationships that they aren't that interested in?

Here are the answers:

  • 1) To fulfill their psychological needs: Some people just want attention, others want someone to care and a third group want someone to love them. Those people usually settle for the first person who helps them satisfy these needs but later on when these needs get satisfied otherwise they start to question their love to them (see also Unmet needs psychology)
  • 2) Too insecure to stay single: Many people are too insecure to stay single. They believe that being single makes them look odd. Some of them fear ending up alone while some others just want to get into a relationship even if they don't like the person who likes them. As you might have already guessed after some time those people will find that something is wrong and as a result they might ask for a divorce (see Why being single is not a bad thing)
  • 3) They gave up on what they wanted: The majority of people who do things that they don't really like fall under this category. Those people gave up on getting what they really want and as a result they decided to settle for whatever they can get. Later on when those people compare what they have to what they really wanted they feel dissatisfied and some of them ask for divorce
  • 4) They don't understand what they want: Some people don't know what they really want. Because those people don't have enough self understanding their criteria for choosing their life partners usually has nothing to do with their real needs. Those people usually fall prey to emotions or the chemicals that get released when they meet someone who appeals to them then later on discover that this person has nothing to do with what they really wanted
  • 5)They have low self esteem: Some people know that they are choosing the ones who are not that good for them yet refuse to breakup because of believing that they can't do better. In other words, their low self esteem makes them believe that they can't get anyone better and so they stay in a relationship that they don't really like. Again after some time those people start feeling pressured and might ask for a divorce

How to save your relationship

The best way to save your relationship is to make the right choice in the beginning. Don't settle for what you don't want just because you believe you can't do better.

Don't get into a relationship just because all of your friends aren't single. Don't get into a relationship before you know what you really want in life.

Most relationship problems happen because people commit to those they don't want that much.

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