Why do people consider friday 13th unlucky

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is Friday 13th really unlucky

Why do people consider Friday 13th unlucky?
I have read so many articles about that topic and found that there are two major groups of reasons that started that belief. The first group of reasons dates back to early history where some events in some old mythologies , such as the Viking's myths, and some events in some religions such Christianity lead to that belief. And the second group of reasons was that so many unfortunate events happened on Friday 13th including some plan crashes and other miserable events.

Moreover a group of people in the nineteenth century tried to debunk the myth of the number 13 by forming a club called the 13th club where they met on the 13th of each month. The club had 13 members and late members had to pay 13 cents. Later on two of the club members became US president and they were both shot.

So it's clear that there is something negative about the number 13 and Friday 13th right?
Well, let's analyze all of those events from a psychological point of view.

Why do people consider Friday 13th unlucky

Everyday so many unfortunate events happen to so many people and of course people feel really bad when those events happen simply because they feel helpless. When you make a car accident you will feel helpless simply because you knew that you couldn't stop it.

Now what if i told you that this car accident happened for a reason?
What if i told you that you made an accident because it's Friday 13th. Two different things will happen here.

First of all you will feel safe because you will know that this accident won't happen again anytime soon. Secondly you will not feel helpless because you now know what happened. In other words believing in Bad luck, superstition and Friday 13th gives us more control over our lives.

But just a second. What about the studies that were published that said that more accidents happen on Friday 13th?
In the Super powers course i explained how you can program someone to do a certain thing unconsciously by just putting a belief in his mind.

If i told you that one of your friends hates you and bad mouths you all the time in your absence then most probably you will find lots of evidence to prove what i said true (if you believed me).

How your mind can help you strengthen that belief to achieve its goals

In other words when we develop a strong belief our subconscious mind will work on making it come true. For the subconscious mind a belief is a goal that must be reached in a way or another. If you believed you will be unlucky on Friday 13th then your mind will work on making your belief come true.

Your mind might for example let you miss a traffic sign or distract you a bit to let you make an accident. Now this mind not seem rational at all but in fact it's very rational.

If your mind wants you to believe that you are safe on all days of the year then it can sacrifice Friday 13th to make you feel better on all other days.

By letting you make an accident on that day you will believe more that it's an unlucky day and thus you will feel more in control on all other days provided that they are not Friday 13th.

In addition our minds get what we focus on. On a normal day making an accident would be attributed to that drunk guy who surprised you with a jerky move but on Friday 13 the accident will be attributed to bad luck. (see also Rules of the Subconscious Mind)

The takeaway is: your luck has nothing to do with Friday 13th but if you decided to believe in it then it will.
So what about the presidents who were shot? Well for me becoming a president and dying like a hero is a hell of good luck but because some people think of it otherwise they saw it as a misfortune.

What's more lucky, being a nobody and dying like a nobody or being a president and dying in a heroic way?
You see it's all about Perspective.

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