Why do Evil spirits & ghosts haunt certain people but not others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How your mind works

Why do ghosts haunt certain people but not others?
Why do some people see ghosts while others never see them?
Why do Evil spirits try to invade some innocent bodies?

I have seen people who believed that they were haunted by ghosts and the sure thing i can tell you about many of those people is that they weren't lying. Yes some people can make up stories in order to achieve certain goals but some others do actually see everything that they claim they are seeing.

So does this mean that those people are really haunted? Well before i can answer that question i first need to tell you few things about the way your mind operates. In my previous article Why you should never believe your eyes) i explained how our perception is always altered by our minds.

The world that exists around us is actually very different than the way we see it and the reason we all see the world the same way is that our brain always alters the images that we see before rendering them to us. (see also How your brain alters your perception)

For example colors don't exist in real world but they are just constructed inside our brains. Its just that our minds translate certain wavelengths of certain objects into the colors we know. And because this process is done in almost the same way inside our brains we all end up seeing the same colors the same way (at least most of us).

Now what if the brains of some people didn't function properly and as a result they saw colors in a different way? Yes this condition exists and it's called color blindness. In the below image you can see how traffic lights can appear so different to people with certain level of color blindness.

What if our brains processed images in a different way?

Now what if our brains decided to alter the images we see in a different way in order to make us see things the way they aren't? In fact this happened to us all when we saw the person we have a crush on only to come closer and discover that he is a totally different person. (see also How your beliefs affect your perception)

In other words the brain can sometimes have its own agenda and in such a case it might make us see things differently just to achieve certain goals. If you suffer from any kind of phobia then am sure it happened more than once that you saw the object that scares you only to discover fractions of a second later that its a totally different object. For example a wooden stick might be seem as a snake, a black bag might be seen as a dog or dirt spot can be seen as an insect.

Now what if a person's mind developed an extremely important goal that could only be achieved by seeing ghosts or spirits? What if a child never got the attention he needed from his parents then his mind decided to make him see ghosts to grab their attention?

What if someone needed help but couldn't get it and so his mind decided to make him believe that he is haunted in order to motivate people to help him?

Of course there are hundreds of causes that can't be all mentioned in a single article but the mechanism is always the same. The mind will want to achieve a certain vital goal and as a result it might alter a person's perception and let him see things that don't exist just to achieve that goal.

Evil spirits and the great mission

schizophrenia is another example that demonstrates how its possible for the mind to let a person hear voices and see things that don't really exist. There was once a man who felt inferior because his brother was much more successful than him. And because his parents always compared him to his brother his self esteem was blown away and he got depressed.

When that person's unconscious mind saw what was going on it decided to help him regain his superiority once again by altering his perception. In few days the man started seeing ghosts that told him that he was chosen for a big mission. Then after few more days the man believed that evil spirits are trying to haunt him and prevent him from achieving his mission.

Fighting the evil spirits by suffering when they try to invade his body made that person feel worthy once again. The man wasn't lying and he was actually seeing ghosts Not because they really wanted to haunt him
But because his mind wanted him to feel superior to his brother.

Very important final note

I am not trying to go against anyone's beliefs or prove that ghosts don't exist. I am just pointing out that in most cases its a 100% psychological issue.

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