Why do pampered children fear ghosts when they grow up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The choice of symptoms

Why do some people fear ghosts and why do others develop anxiety disorders?
Why do some people Develop certain phobias and why do others wet their beds?

For the first instance all of those issues might seem like unconnected disorders but when you get to know that the mind chooses certain disorders to achieve certain goals things will become clear. One of the major causes, if not the major cause, of psychological disorders is the mind's desire to achieve certain objectives that wouldn't have been achieved otherwise.

In the case of a pampered and over protected child the goal developed by his mind is maintaining this pampering as long as he is alive (Even after he becomes an adult). Now in order for the mind to achieve that goal it might use some uncommon ways if the common ways didn't work.

That person will first try to get the pampering he got used to using normal methods but when those methods fail to work his mind will use much complex tricks to force people to pamper him.

In my previous article Psychological reasons for bed wetting i explained how the mind can force a person to wet his bed just to get his parents attention, to rebel against them or to get more help and support.

In other words, many of the psychological disorders you see everyday are actually parts of a bigger and structured plans done by the mind to reach certain goals.

Why do pampered children fear ghosts when they grow up

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that during his early years the pampered child usually finds no problem in getting pampered the way he wants (unless he gets replaced by a younger child). But when the pampered child grows up he finds himself facing the world alone since he can no longer get the same level of pampering he got used to.

Because adults are constrained by many factors including peer pressure, social norms and masculine values (for men) they can hardly demand that pampering directly and this is where the mind intervenes to solve the problem.

The mind might develop fear of ghosts (and the belief in their existence) to help the pampered child sleep beside his mother once again just like he used to do when he was a kid. Your fear of ghosts could be nothing more than an expression of your desire to get pampered like the old days.

You might wonder why would you develop such a disorder even though you moved to a new house?
The answer is simple. When your mind chooses a certain symptom it usually does it to get any possible help. In other words the purpose of that disorder is to make sure that you will sleep beside anyone you feel safe with.

But why ghosts and not anything else?

when the mind picks a certain symptom it usually exploits your weakest point in order to make the symptom as strong as possible. Because the pampered child usually thinks that the world is an unsafe place his weak point usually lies in fear and anxiety (see also Overprotective parents effects on children).

Thus its very likely for a pampered child to believe in ghosts and have issues with them. Because of that it becomes easy for the mind to make that problem grow bigger until it becomes a disabling fear.

If for some reason the pampered child was 100% sure that ghosts don't exist then his mind will try to achieve the same goal using a different symptom. In other words, don't look for the symptom and try to cure it but instead look for the psychological goal behind the symptom and you will be able to end it very easily.

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