This is where the ghosts in your house come from

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you unable to sleep at night?

Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you think about scary monsters right before you fall asleep?
Do you sometimes stay up for long because you are too afraid to close your eyes?

So many people fear darkness and believe in ghosts. These thoughts usually visit them right before falling asleep or when they are left alone somewhere creep. The silence that is present at bedtime usually promotes such thoughts to the extent that a person might find himself unable to sleep for hours.

Add to this a sound of food steps coming from a near by place or any other unexplained sound and the good night sleep turns into a horrifying experience. Even after sleeping the mind can still think about those thoughts in a way that results in bad dreams and poor sleeping quality.

Now the important question you should ask yourself is: Where do those ghosts come from?

Where do the ghosts in your house come from

Life is full of tough challenges and serious problems. As a result of the bad experiences we go through many of us develop different kinds of fears such the fear of the future, fear of being lonely,the fear of not finding enough money or the fear of getting hurt.

Sometimes those fears haunt us for years and make our lives intolerable and this is where our minds try to intervene to make them more bearable. By transforming those fears from one form to another the mind believes it achieved the goal of making them less harmful.

Its much easier to fight a physical object than to face the psychological fears we are vulnerable to the most. In other words the mind creates a fictional monster or a ghost to help you project some of your real life fears onto those physical objects (see also Understanding the mind's symbols)

Yes Ghosts and monsters are nothing more than a reflection of the fears you are unable to face during your day. Your mind vents some of those fears by letting you believe in ghosts. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that your subconscious mind can deceive you by making you believe in something that doesn't exist in order to hide facts that might be really harmful for you.

A real life example

In many cases after the death of one of the parents, usually the father, the kids start getting bad dreams about ghosts and believing in them more. In such a case the insecurity the children felt after their father left resulted in a constant state of anxiety and fear.

Because those fears are too unpleasant to face in their real form the mind projects them into physical objects such as ghosts and monsters. In such a case the mind chooses to face ghosts rather than real life fears which are much more scary than those ghosts.

Financial insecurity, fear of the future, fear of the unknown, fear of failure and many other fears can sometimes be intolerable. And because your subconscious mind won't want you to face those fears directly they are vented at night in a way that your conscious mind can't really understand.

In other words
The ghosts that haunt your room at night....
Are the fears you are too afraid to face in daylight

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