Why do some people have disorders

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do some people have disorders

Ever wondered why do some people engage in extreme behaviour?
why do you sometimes find a very aggressive person? and why do you in other times find a very showy person?

What motivates a person to act in an extreme way?

Lets suppose that you forgot your keys at home but believed that one of your family members is still inside the house. Won't you start ringing the bell? Now what if no one opened the door? won't you start ringing the bell more frequently?

Now what if no one opened the door, won't you start knocking the door hard with your hand? and if no one opened, won't you knock even harder?

Now what if someone was passing beside your house and saw you knocking the door madly. Won't he assume that something is wrong with you?

That's exactly why we don't understand people well. We see the final behaviour the person has learned as a result of the experiences he has been through then we quickly judge him without taking a look at his past or the other variables involved!

This is why some people have disorders

People develop their disorders in a way that is analogous to the previous example. A person will keep increasing the intensity of his behavior as long as it's helping him in reaching his important goals.

Lets suppose that a man became aggressive because he had doubts about his masculinity (in my article Why are some people aggressive i explained how some people become aggressive in order to assert their masculinity because they suffer from certain insecurities)

Now if that person didn't manage to feel more masculine he will start to knock the door even harder or in other words he will become more aggressive!

People engage in extreme behaviour or develop psychological disorders when they find that their normal behaviour isn't helping them in reaching their goals.

In my article The psychology of showing off i said that you should like people who show off because they will only show off in front of you when they believe that you didn't like them yet. Again when they find that no one opened the door they knock even harder or in other words they show off more to get accepted.

Psychological goals and personal disorders

The psychological goals people develop in their early years controls their behaviour for the rest of their lives unless they do something to change them.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that analyzing and understanding such psychological goals is a crucial step for reaching true self understanding.

You can never understand a person well without examining his past and without connecting his current behaviour to his psychological goals.

People develop personal disorders when they fail to meet their psychological goals in a rational way and thus they engage in extreme behaviour.

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