Why are some people aggressive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why are some people aggressive

In my article How insecure people behave i pointed out how insecurities in most cases stem from self doubts and from the desire to compensate for weaknesses.

Its so common for a human being who has a certain weakness to do his best in order to hide it and to even do actions that proves to the world that he doesn't have this weakness.

But what does aggression has to do with compensation or insecurity?

In some cases the main reason a person becomes aggressive is that he has doubts about his own masculinity and so he tries to assert it by appearing more masculine!

Aggression, self doubts and masculinity

After studying psychology for some time you will come to understand that different people could be doing the same behaviour for different reasons. For example three of the aggressive people you know might be acting aggressive for three different reasons.

However one of the reasons that result in long term aggression is insecurity!
Since early childhood the role of a man is clearly explained to each male child in such a way that all children develop the desire to be up to that role when they grow up.

Being a man is usually associated with courage, power and status that's why all men strive to be more masculine.

Now what happens if for a reason or another a man started to doubt his own masculinity?
Won't this force him to compensate in the other direction just to prove that he is a real man?

This is exactly why some men are overly aggressive. They don't think that they are men enough and that's why they try to assert their masculinity by being overly aggressive!

Some people are aggressive because they are insecure

So you might be asking yourself what made those men insecure?
Here are some possible causes:

  • Criticism: If parents always criticized the child by telling him that he is not acting like a man and if he didn't manage to meet their expectations then he might grow up believing that he is not a man enough
  • Not meeting his manly expectations: If the child had certain expectations for his behavior and if he didn't meet these expectations then he might also develop such self doubts
  • Feeling inferior to other men: If a man always compares himself unfavorably to other men then there is a big possibility that he will develop self doubts

Of course i am not trying to say that all aggressive people are ones who doubt their masculinity but certainly a large number of aggressive people are only acting this way in order to prove that they are real men.

This is the same reason that prevents a guy from greeting the new people he meets with a smile. Some people mistakenly think that men should always frown or that smiling is a feminine behavior and that's why they become unfriendly around others.

Many of the aggressive people you see each day are actually people who are feeling insecure because they have self doubts.

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