5 ways to end fear instantly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you Afraid?

Are you experiencing fear?
Do you want to get over it quickly?

Today i am bringing you some tips that can help you ease your fears right away without doing much effort. In some cases dealing with a special kind of fear might need a long term plan but there are few simple tips that you can do in seconds that can ease your fears and make you braver on the spot.

Excited yet? Lets go!

5 ways to end fear instantly

  • 1) Wash your Face with hot water: Studies have shown that there is a connection between fear and feeling cold. When you wash your face and hands with hot water you get a temporary courage boost. You can also reduce the amount of fear you experience by simply turning on the heater in your room (see also Fear and cold weather)
  • 2) Wear big clothes: Your subconscious mind can't tell the different between your body and your clothes thus if you wore more clothes your subconscious mind will believe that you became bigger in size. This false sensation of becoming bigger will reduce the amount of fear you are experiencing
  • 3) Spread your arms and legs: The same trick that was done using clothes can be done by spreading your hands apart and making the subconscious mind think that your body got bigger. Again this can reduce the amount of fear you are experiencing
  • 4) Adjust your posture: Few moments after you adjust your posture and stand straight your fears will get reduced. Just like emotions force us to change our postures the opposite happens as well. When you stand tall your brain will think that you are not afraid and this will get reflected into your emotions (see also Reading body language)
  • 5) Adjust your breathing rate: When we feel scared less oxygen reaches the brain and so we get more scared. To fix that problem you need to make sure you are breathing deeply during the fearsome situation (see also Public speaking tips)

Bonus tip

Most fears are fueled by your incorrect thoughts and false beleifs. Even if you did all the techniques in the world to end your fears but didn't learn how to be in control of your mind then your fears are going to come back.

In such a case all your efforts are going to result in a temporary feeling of courage then few moments later fear will control you again. When you learn how to fix the beliefs and the thoughts responsible for your fear you can truly become a brave person.

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