Why do people talk about themselves

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people talk about themselves

Why do some people talk about themselves all the time?
Why would someone keep talking about his achievements all the time?
What motivates a person to show off?

Lets suppose that you were about to meet a new person you never met before and that you knew before the meeting that a common friend told that person that you are not smart at all.

In such a case you will have two options based on the importance of that new person to you. If you care about his opinion then certainly you are going to talk about yourself in a way that proves that you are not dumb!!

So what does this has to do with people who talk about themselves?
Just like you knew that someone has a bad idea about you many showy people believe that others look down upon them and as a result they talk about themselves to fix that imagined image!!

When do people talk about themselves

A showy person wont be showy in all life areas but he will be showy in the life area where he believes that people look down upon him the most.

For example if someone believes that others think that he is a loser then he will show off whenever it comes to success in life.

People talk about themselves only in front of the ones they care about their opinion. This means that a person will only talk about himself in front of you when he cares about your opinion. (see also Why the opinion of the majority is a poor guide)

People also like to show off when they want to impress a certain person. If a person likes you then he will do his best to impress you and one the of methods he will use to impress you is to talk about himself in a good way in front of you.

People who don't talk about themselves

What about people who don't talk about themselves?
Those people can be divided into two categories. The first are the confident ones who dont feel that others see them in a bad way or those who don't care at all about the opinion of others.

The second group are the ones who always choose to escape instead of solving their problems. Those are the ones who lack courage! In the Solid Self confidence program i said that courage is the one trait needed to help a person get over shyness and improve his confidence.

Those people assume that others look down upon them and in the same time they don't try to do anything because they believe deep inside them that they are losers! Once those people develop courage they will start to talk about themselves a little more.

Once they become confident about their achievements and themselves they wont talk about themsleves anymore except when its really needed.

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