why you should be confident even when you are not successful

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why the accept yourself school has serious issues

So many personal development gurus keep asking people to accept themselves the way they are and to not compare themselves to others. While those seem like great advice still there is a major problem with them.

We usually don't compare ourselves to others consciously simply because our subconscious minds usually does that job for us. You don't see a person with a perfect body then think like "Oh OK, this person looks better than me so i will feel bad" but instead you just find yourself feeling horrible without having a clue why it happened.

Those comparisons happen all the time, and will keep happening, whether you like them or not. This is why the accept yourself and do nothing school didn't and will never work.

In the Solid Self confidence program i pointed out that making some real life changes is the only way to show your subconscious mind that you are taking actions about the things it doesn't like. When those things are changed your subconscious mind will feel better and the bad feelings will go away.

But what if the results were delayed?

Life is not simple or linear. You can be doing your best yet not getting the results you are after and when this happens the self confidence can be affected. If for example you were striving to be successful in your career yet you didn't manage to do that in a timely manner you might feel very bad when you compare yourself to your friends who already took successful steps.

In such a case you need to remind yourself that you are fighting to change what you do not like.
You need to remind yourself that when others chose to give up you decided to keep fighting.
You need to remind yourself that only a warrior stands his ground and never leaves even if things are going wrong.
You need to remind yourself that only brave ones keep chasing their dreams even when they seem far.
You need to realize that you are fighting because you are a brave warrior.
You need to realize that you are different.

You didn't lie to yourself in order to give up without feeling guilty.
You didn't lose hope even though you have been failing.
You didn't run away even though most people would have ran away if they have been through what you've been through.

This is why you should never lose your confidence

Yes it hurts not to achieve your goals and yes it can feel bad to find that you are not getting what you deserve but the fact that you have been standing your ground and fighting the odds is enough to make you feel good about yourself.

Brave warriors don't win all their battles but even when they fight a battle and lose it they are still called Brave warriors.

If you didn't give up on your dreams yet then that's who you are.
You are a brave warrior.
Be Confident.
You deserve it.

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