You are what you do repeatedly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

You are what you do repeatedly

Have you ever met a single minded person who can't think except of one thing?
I am not talking about people who are focused on their goals but i am talking about those who got stuck with a certain thinking pattern in such a way that they can't change it.

The problem those people face is that they don't find solutions to many of the life problems they encounter. But how did those people got that way?

The answer is simple: Those people kept thinking using the same way over and over repeatedly until they became the way they are !

Your brain changes according to what you do

The more you do a task the more cells are assigned to it in your brain. That's why in the beginning of any learning curve you find yourself burdened with many details but after some time you find yourself doing the task perfectly without thinking.

While trying to learn a new skill you will find yourself doing poorly but as new brain cells are assigned to this skill your ability to perform it will become much higher until you master it.

Do you know what does this mean?
this means that your brain structure changes according to what you do!! So the statement "you are what you do repeatedly" can't be more accurate.

You are what you think not just what you do

When i said you are what you do i didn't just mean the actions that you do but in addition i was referring to your thinking patterns.

If you kept acting helplessly or desperately then more brain cells will be assigned to help you become more helpless and desperate the next time you face a problem!!

Do you understand how dangerous can this be?
the more you use a negative thinking pattern the more likely that it will become a part of you. I always get mails from people who tell me things like "i don't feel that i am me anymore".

This statement usually refers to the change that happened to the brain structure of that person as a result of doing a certainly task repeatedly.

The good news i have for you is that this change can be reversed. If starting from this moment you started acting bravely, confidently and dumped your negative thinking patterns then sooner or later your brain structure will be changed and you will become a different person.

You are what you do repeatedly, its not just a saying.

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