15 Unthinkable factors that affect your exercising performance

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i feel weak today?

If you have been exercising for sometime then am pretty sure that you realized that your performance vary greatly from a day to another.

Tell any of your Gym mates that you can't train well on a certain day and they will give you the classic answer "Did you sleep and eat well?"

While sleeping and eating can greatly affect your performance while still this doesn't explain why do you sometimes feel weak or powerless even though you slept and ate well on that day.

Here is the quick explanation: there are numerous factors that affects your exercising performance that almost no one talks about!

15 Unthinkable factors that affect your exercising performance

  • 1) Hows your nervous system today?: Any psychological pressure puts a load on the nervous system and because the later is the one that gives signals to muscles to move you can hardly perform well with an overloaded nervous system
  • 2) Disappointment makes you weak: If you went to the gym while you are feeling angry then you will lift well but if you tried exercising while feeling disappointed you will find no energy to lift.
  • 3) The amount of stress you got subjected to: Stress affects the nervous system in a bad way and prevents it from calling the needed muscles properly
  • 4) The number of people in the gym: If you are an extrovert then an empty gym will reduce the amount of energy you have and might prevent you from lifting well. The opposite happen with Introverts
  • 5) How did you sleep 48 hours ago: Most people think that to exercise well then need to sleep well one day before their training but in fact muscles take days to heal and not one day. Not resting properly for one day in the weekend can affect your performance 2 or even 3 days later
  • 6) Fear and worrying reduce strength: Are you worried about something? Then a part of your mind will be busy thinking about it and so the muscles needed to exercise won't be properly called by your mind
  • 7) Your future plans: How do you feel about your future plans? Are you close to reaching your goals? If your answers were yes then you will find yourself extremely energetic while exercising. If you are unhappy with your progress in life then your mind won't motivate you much
  • 8) The road to the gym: How much stress you encountered on your way to the gym? did you drive through traffic James or was the road nice and empty? The stress you get subjected to on your way to the gym affects your performance as well
  • 9) What are your plans after the gym?: Do you have any exciting plans? Then you are more likely to train well than if your destination was home
  • 10) How happy are you on that day: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that Happiness increases performance while sadness steals your energy and reduces your performance
  • 11) Who is in the gym?: People you hate? People you like? Someone you care about? The people in the gym can affect your performance to a certain extent
  • 12) your outfit: How do you think you look when you look in the mirror? Is your outfit making your belly fat prominent? Are you wearing a T-shirt that makes you look bigger? The way you perceive your looks strongly affects your performance
  • 13) The music you listen to: Is the music you are listening to resonating with your core beliefs? If the music you are listening to doesn't make sense to your mind then it won't just fail to motivate you but it might actually demotivate you (see also The connection between music and motivation)
  • 14) The temperature at the gym: Cold weather reduces the metabolic rate and reduces strength. Turning the air conditioner on while exercising is always a bad idea however a very high temperature can also reduce performance.
  • 15) Are you feeling left out? : Is everyone on the beach while you are at the gym? If you believe you are not in the right place then you won't get much motivated as well

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