5 shocking reasons why you can't sleep at night

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

No no its not what you think

The first thing you will get told when you tell someone that you can't sleep at night is to cut caffeine intake. Even though this advice and many other common ones such as sleeping in a dark room or reading a book can help improve sleeping quality still there other factors that distrub sleeping quality that very few people will tell you about.

Am pretty sure you experienced days where you stayed at bed for hours even though you did all the steps people recommended to get a good night sleep. And the explanation here is simple, sometimes there are certain psychological reasons that might prevent you from sleeping well even if you have done everything else right.

5 shocking reasons why you can't sleep at night

  • 1) Because you keep yourself busy in the morning: Most people follow shallow self help advice such as keep yourself busy or repeat affirmations to feel good. The problem when running away from a problem by keeping yourself busy is that your mind will quickly remind you of it as soon as you try to sleep. Yes you can escape in the morning by doing some work or meeting friends but in the night your mind will torture you with the problems you have been trying to escape from
  • 2) Because your fears turn into ghosts: In my previous article Where do ghosts come from i explained how your mind can turn the life fears you can't face into physical objects such as ghosts. By doing that your mind will allow you to vent some of your fears without letting you face the actual problems that caused them.
  • 3) Because you don't respond to your worries: In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that worrying is an emotion that your mind uses to draw your attention to an important problem that needs to be solved. If you tried to get over worrying by drinking or even exercising then worrying will haunt you at night until you provide real life solutions
  • 4) Because you don't sit alone during the day: If you don't sit alone for 30 minutes each day to think about the important life issues you are going through then your mind might bring up all of those issues as soon as you go to bed
  • 5) Because you don't want tomorrow to come: If you hate your job or have a horrible day next morning then your mind might play the trick of keeping you awake just to save you from the next day thinking that its helping

So what's the solution?

Most people never take self understanding seriously and that's why they suffer from all kind of psychological problems without knowing the way out.

If you know how to operate a car, use a computer and instal the latest software on a mobile phone but have no idea how to troubleshoot your own mind then you need to put a much higher weight for self understanding.

More than 50% of the solution of any psychological problem is knowing what's going on for if you remained clueless then the problem might stay there for a very long period of time.

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