7 ways to get a good night sleep

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Got Trouble sleeping

No one needs to be told about the benefits of deep sleep. After all we have all been through the experience of not getting enough sleep and we all know how irritating it feels like.

For years i was struggling to sleep well at night but i was always failing. I tried all the advice on the internet but for some reason they never worked for me. In the past month i decided to make serious changes to my sleeping patterns and as a result i came up with some really good tips that helped me sleep well.

If you have trouble falling asleep or if you don't sleep well at night then do the following tips and you will experience great improvement in your quality of sleep.

7 ways to get a good night sleep

  • 1) Don't use electronic devices 2 hours before getting into bed: As clear as this sounds electronic devices can prevent you from sleeping well even if you used them for one or two hours before sleeping
  • 2) Don't eat sugary foods few hours before sleeping: All kinds of simple sugars provide quick energy bursts that make sleeping fast harder. Don't eat sugary foods few hours before going to bed
  • 3) Wake early even if you didn't sleep well: Sometimes you need to wake up dizzy for few days before you can sleep well at night. Some people do the mistake of delaying their waking time when they feel they didn't sleep well and this is wrong. Just wake up and in the night you will feel much more sleepy than the previous day
  • 4) Don't put your mobile phone beside the bed: Any interruption to the stages of sleeping can reduce the quality of sleep. Don't put your phone beside the bed (not to check it) and its preferred to make it silent so that it doesn't wake you up
  • 5) Cut all Caffeine intake starting from 3 pm: People with sensitive nervous system , like me, can get irritated very easily by Caffeine even if they consumed it hours before getting into sleep. I personally find it hard to sleep if i took a cup of coffee at 5 pm. I sleep at 12 which is 7 hours later and it still affects me.
  • 6) Think about your problems before getting into bed: Worry about your problems as much as you want and don't get into bed until you are done thinking. When you develop the habit of thinking inside your bed it will become much harder to sleep later on
  • 7) Don't sleep by the TV: I know that some people can't sleep except by the TV but our bodies were designed to sleep better in totally dark rooms. The signal from the TV might disrupt your sleeping cycle and prevent you from sleeping well (see also Can we hear while we are asleep

What else you can do

Make sure you don't go to bed thirsty or hungry because both feelings can prevent you from getting into sleep. Also make sure there is no background noise coming from any where because this is one of the major causes of low quality sleep.

Turn off all electronic devices or remove them to another room because they can affect the quality of sleep. Adjust the room temperature or change your clothes so that you don't feel either cold or hot for both feelings can prevent you from sleeping well.

Finally you can read a book for 15 to 30 minutes right before getting into bed. So many people reported being able to sleep faster when they did so. If you did all the advice mentioned in this post i doubt you will have troubles sleeping again.

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