How to give up coffee addiction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Giving up coffee addiction

When a change happens slowly and gradually we tend not to realize that a change is happening. For example, When you slowly gain weight you will only realize it after your body loses its good shape or when you start following an unhealthy diet you will only realize it after you get some kind of a disease or a health problem.

Drinking coffee may not be a fatal habit but it tends to affect your health slowly and that's you never notice that you are harming yourself. After years of coffee addiction you might find yourself facing major health problems just because of this simple habit.

Of course you will never be able to give up coffee addiction or any bad habit unless you want to. Some smokers come and tell me Farouk, we are happy that we smoke. I usually reply telling them then no one on earth can help you give up this bad habit unless you decide to break it.

How to give up coffee addiction and any habit?

Just like the case with any other habit will power is not enough to break coffee addiction. If you want to break a habit then you must understand that will power is only useful when its directed to the correct channels.

People usually misuse their will power by directing it to the wrong directions then end up feeling defeated or helpless.

A popular example of will power misuse is going on an extreme diet in order to lose weight. While this might work for a short period of time in the end the result will be horrible feelings and returning back to your bad eating habits.

If you want to give up coffee addiction or any other bad habit then you must redirect your will power to the correct channels that can really help you give up that habit. (see breaking the habit tonight for more info)

Coffee addiction and sleeping habits?

One of the main reasons people fail to give up bad habits such as coffee addiction is that they deal with the symptoms instead of targeting the root cause.

Some people start a diet but fail to lose weight just because the root cause is emotional eating. Some other people fail to stop smoking because they are not aware that the root cause behind their smoking habit is being unable to deal with stress.

Some people drink caffeinated drinks just because they don’t sleep well. Those people find themselves waking up feeling tired as if they didn’t sleep at all. if your problem is insomnia then the solution to giving up coffee is to learn how to fix your sleeping problem and not using will power to stop drinking coffee.

You have to find the root causes for your insomnia and deal with them in order to find yourself not in need of coffee in the morning. In my book The ultimate guide to break any bad habit i explained how people usually try to deal with the wrong cause and so never succeed in breaking the bad habit. In order to break any bad habit you must find the real root cause behind it then deal with it.

How to give up coffee?

Some People drink coffee because their bodies need caffeine. In order to successfully get rid of the caffeine addiction you can simply shift from coffee to herbal tea as a transition period before you completely give it up.

Herbal Tea contains caffeine too but with less concentration. Over the time your body will get used to this reduced amount of caffeine and so you will come one step closer towards giving up coffee addiction.

The next thing you should do to give up coffee addiction is to reduce the amount of herbal tea you drink everyday. If you got used to six cups per day then make them four. keep drinking the four cups/day until your body gets used to them then reduce the number of cups again.

Keep doing this until you find yourself drinking one cup a day and then you could use your will power to give it up for if you have used your will power earlier it wouldn’t have worked.

Coffee addiction and Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are the symptoms that appear when a certain chemical starts to withdraw from your body. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are irritation, feeling sleepy and lack of energy.

If you followed the plan i just mentioned then you will not face major problems giving up coffee as the withdrawal symptoms are going to be less intense. This is also another point where you should use your will power. Resisting these withdrawal symptoms is one of the correct channels for using your will power.

Coffee addiction and Losing energy

Some people drink coffee or tea in order to feel energetic and alert. If this was your case then you should find alternative methods that can make you feel energetic so that you get over this dependency on caffeine.

Sunlight strongly affects your hormonal levels and your biological clock. If you wake up late or if you don’t get enough sunlight then make sure you get exposed to sunlight as soon as you wake up. This will result in making you feel energetic naturally and you won’t find yourself in need of caffeine.

Dehydration is one of the factors that can make you feel tired and sleepy; you can start your day by drinking a big glass of water. In addition to being a very healthy habit, drinking water will help you lose weight, feel energetic and give up other harmful drinks.

Exercising is one of the things that can give you an energy boost, if you can exercise for thirty minutes every morning you will find yourself feeling energetic most of the time in addition to staying in shape.

Final words about giving up coffee

To summarize all of this in few points, understand the real reasons that are behind your coffee addiction, deal with these root causes and direct your will power to the correct channels instead of just wasting it elsewhere.

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