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By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to cure insomnia(secondary insomnia)

In case your insomnia is a secondary one (the result of another problem like illness, depression or anxiety) then fixing the root problem behind the insomnia will help you overcome it.

For example If your insomnia was the result of excess anxiety then using techniques that can reduce anxiety will cure your insomnia.

How to cure insomnia (secondary and primary)

There are many helpful tips that you could do to overcome both types of insomnia (primary and secondary). Those tips will help you get rid of your insomnia or at least make it less intensive. The tips to overcome insomnia are:

  • overcoming insomnia tip#1: try to do minimal activities in bed other than sleeping. For example don’t read in bed, eat in bed or just lie without sleeping. The more time you spend in bed awake the more your mind wont relate sleeping to being in bed and so this will result in insomnia
  • overcoming insomnia tip#2: sleep at the same time everyday or at least stay within a close range. When your biological clock gets used to a certain activity at a certain time it becomes easier to do it. Any change in the timing may make the activity become harder.
  • overcoming insomnia tip#3: If you are anxious or depressed, make sure you deal with these problems because your insomnia may be a direct result of any of them (see How to deal with anxiety? and How to deal with depression?)
  • Overcoming insomnia tip#4: sunlight (or artificial light) activates your body and makes you more alert. Make sure you sleep without the light turned on and without keeping the television switched on
  • overcoming insomnia tip#5: know that thinking about sleeping will only make you remain awake (see subconscious mind's rules), think about something else other than sleeping when wanting to sleep
  • Overcoming insomnia tip#6: avoid caffeine and nicotine few hours before sleeping
  • overcoming insomnia tip#7:drink water before going to sleep as dehydration can affect your ability to sleep well
  • overcoming insomnia tip#8: avoid naps, naps can make you feel that you don’t want to sleep at night

Understand the tricks of your subconscious mind

Do you know that your subconscious mind can prevent you from sleeping if it knows that you don't want to wake up early the next day?

If you hate your job or if you are afraid to take an exam then your subconscious mind might prevent you from sleeping just because it doesn't want to let you wake up early the next day.

In other words, your subconscious mind might be trying to help by letting you miss the test or a work day. By getting a better understanding of your mind you will be able to get over these tricks and sleep well.

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