Why you shouldn't sleep with TV on

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sleeping with the TV on

So many people love to sleep with the TV turned on. I personally spent years of my life sleeping by the TV and i never thought that this could lead to any serious trouble until one day i came across a research that showed that we can actually hear while we are asleep!

Now for the first instance this might seem like an interesting fact. After all what's the danger of hearing our favorite show after falling asleep?

Well the problem isn't with your favorite show but its with the ones that will follow. Before i tell you how dangerous it is to sleep by the TV i first need to tell you a very interesting fact about dreams.

The sounds that you listen to while you are asleep can affect your dream or even result in a totally different dream!

Where the dream and the real world connect

Ever had a dream that a phone is ringing only to wake up and find that the phone is actually ringing in your house? If you have been through that popular experience then am pretty sure you already noticed that the dream wasn't just about a ringing phone but there were also more details in the dream.

In the Super powers course i said that a dream can happen in few seconds and as a result a certain sound coming from the real world can result in a full dream that is based on that sound. In other words your mind can receive one single detail from the real world then construct all other details to create a full dream. (see also The subconscious mind and dreams)

This means that hearing a scream in an action movie can actually result in a nightmare! Now as you already know TV programs are very random and even if you knew them beforehand you would never expect the kind of ads that will show up in between.

How your mind constructs the data

You might wonder what are the rules the govern the process of constructing additional data to form a dream?
The answer is your beliefs and concerns.

Lets suppose you fear darkness and believe in ghosts. In such a case your mind will be actively searching for clues to prove that ghosts exist even if you are unaware of that. Now when you hear a scream on TV while you are asleep all of your thoughts about ghosts will be triggered and you will very likely have a nightmare because of that scream.

The same will go to everything that concerns you in life. A word, a phrase or even a sound might trigger a certain thinking pattern and result in seeing something that you don't like.

In short, learn how to sleep without TV and also make sure that any kind of unwanted noise won't reach you while you are asleep.

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