Dream interpretation case study

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

A strange dream

Few days ago i had that strange dream: I was driving on the high way inside a fast sports car. Though my car was fast i wasn't driving fast enough and cars kept bypassing me. I knew i could speed up anytime and catch them but i was waiting for the right time.

After sometime i decided to speed up and bypass all the cars ahead of me only to find the road suddenly blocked. I got out of the car and i found an authority figure in a policeman's suit. The man told me that some kind of villager decided to block the road and establish her home on the highway.

I felt anxious, i was worried about the other cars that might reach their destination before me. After sometime the policeman showed up again and told me that he agreed with the villager to get the house removed now. At this point i looked at the sun and told myself that i still have enough time to reach my destination before all those cars. I felt happy then i woke up.

Dream interpretation case study

If you were in my place how would have you tried to find a meaning for that dream? Let me tell you about the exact steps needed to find the right interpretation:

  • 1)Understand the nature of symbols: Does it make any sense that a villager builds his house on a highway? and why would i be concerned about bypassing the cars on the highway? After all its not a race right? Simply because all of what i saw in the dream are symbols and not a representation of real objects. This means that the car in the dream didn't refer to my car in the real life and the same goes for the road, the house and the policeman
  • 2) Connect the symbols to the recent event that happened in your life: The next step is finding the meaning of the symbols by examining your most recent concerns and finding out whether any of these symbols can be referring to them. Is there something that you are really concerned about? what's currently happening in your life? Can the dream be pointing to any of those events?
  • 3) Find the meaning of the symbols: I am obsessed by achievements and lately i have been thinking more often about doing great achievements in life. This is why it makes a lot of sense that the road in the dream was the road to reaching my goals and not just a highway. The sports car represents the confidence i have in my abilities to reach my goals. The house is an unexpected obstacle that i found on my way that has nothing to do with my actions (because someone else built it). The anxiety i felt is all about being afraid to grow older before achieving my goals. Finally the authority figure is someone who helped me bypass that obstacle and allowed me to continue my journey

Pay attention to this common mistake

In the Super powers course i said that the biggest mistake people make when they try to interpret a dream is that they seek the meaning of the symbols from different sources other than themselves.

The symbols you see in the dream are very personal and differ from one person to another. Had Michael Schumacher seen that same dream it would have had a completely different meaning.

Dreams can't just help you release suppressed emotions but they can also help you understand yourself way better. By knowing about your most important concerns you will get a clear idea of the goals you should pursue in life.

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