What do your status updates say about you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Status updates and personality

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me to collect some information about a girl's personality. I asked him to give me the link to her pinterest account then after 20 minutes i sent him a text file that has information about the girl's personality traits, her most important values, the major life events that happened to her in the past year in addition to the things she looks for in a potential partner.

Whether its a status update, a picture you post or a quote that you share an experienced person can know a lot about you through these posts.

A love map is the list of the important items a person has in his subconscious mind that determines the kind of future partner he is looking for.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that once you manage to find out the important items in a person's love map you will very easily be able to make that person love you.

Sometimes people ask me how can they get to know someone's love map and the answer is simple; If you can get access to the posts of that person on any social network then you will certainly be able to find out his love map.

How to understand someone's personality through his posts?

In order to know how to do that you first need to understand few rules:

  • 1) People share stuff that reflects their beliefs, unmet needs and core values: In my previous article Why do people like and share certain things online i explained how everything that you share is a reflection of your beliefs, values and unmet needs.
  • 2) The more posts that point to the same thing that more important that thing is: lets suppose that someone posted a status update about coping then few days later that person shared an image about acceptance then after few more days he posted a video about being positive. In such a case its clear that this person is trying to cope with an emotional problem that is hard for him to accept.
  • 3) Keywords point to the core values: When analyzing someone's posts you must pay attention to the words that repeat themselves. If you found a certain word repeated so many times in different posts then know that this word reflects a core value for the person. If for example the word "achievement" was repeated many times in a person's posts over a short period of time then know that he is ambitious or that he cares a lot about achievements

How to put everything together

Here are few updates written by an anonymous person:

"I don't really care" (picture)
"You don't really know what's good for you"
"Trust God's plans"
"Today is National Animal Day.......Please take a moment and remember your EX" (picture)
"trust is like a paper once it's crumpled it can't be perfect" (picture)

What can these status tell about that guy?
Here you are:

  • 1) He still cares about something: When someone says that he doesn't care then know that he cared to the extent that he had to write something about it.
  • 2) Not satisfied with something in his life: Status no 2 and 3 both have the same meaning. That person is not really happy with what he has got and that's why he is trying to cope by believing that God has a better plan or than what he really wanted might have been bad for him
  • 3) That person was hurt: In my article Why do people gossip i said that people talk about others when they get emotionally charged. Talking about the ex in such a way shows that this guy was hurt a lot in the past relationship
  • 4) Its all about trust: The final status update about trust made all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Most probably that person was hurt because of a trust issue in his past relationship and that's why he is still resentful. One of the things you must do to attract that guy is to show him that you are worthy of being trusted

Did you see the amount of information we knew about that person from 2 status updates and 3 pictures that he shared? Now imagine the amount of information you can get about a person when you access their full profile!

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