How to deal with codependency (codependency causes and treatment)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with codependency (codependency causes and treatment)

Out of the desire to be needed and out of wanting to hold on to a relationship by any means even if it wasn’t a healthy one some people start to bury the problems that exist in their relationships without trying to face them. This is other wise known as codependency.

A codependent person will always try to help his relationship partner or one of his family members even if he knew that he is doing something wrong. A codependent person will always make excuses for everyone in order to help them. For example a typical codependent person will always try to justify his partner’s addiction to drugs or his son’s continues absence from school just to make sure that he feels needed.

As you can see, codependency results in suppressing the person's real emotions for the sake of feeling needed by his partner. A codependent person refuses to confront his close ones with the real problems that they are facing just to preserve the title of the “caretaker”.

In this article i will tell you how to deal with codependency and codependent people.

Problems caused by codependency

A codependent relationship is anything but a healthy relationship. The codependent partner will always be struggling with fear of rejection, fear of abandonment and the need for approval.

On the other hand the codependent person buries real problems within his family as a result of the codependent behavior. This encourages the continuity of the problems and the development of new ones. Its very common to find drug abuse, alcohol abuse or emotional abuse in a codependent relationship.

The codependent person will usually become overly responsible for everything that happens to his partner to an extent that he sometimes forgets about his own wants, needs and desires.

What causes codependency?

When a child grows in a family that teaches him that its not appropriate to talk about his real emotions and that feelings should be kept to himself he may develop codependency.

In addition to this, the desire to be needed and the lack of self esteem can result in an intense need of approval of his relationship partner. This need for approval usually causes codependency.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i mentioned various reasons that could result in making a person become attached to someone else other than loving him, like lack of self confidence, ego issues, guilt...etc.

If you really want to recover from a breakup then you should learn how to deal with such factors because after you do you will find yourself no longer in love with that person you thought you loved.

Dealing with Codependency, The road to recovery

In order to recover from codependency you must first learn how to be assertive enough to declare your wants and needs. In addition you need to develop enough courage to confront your partner with the real problems that you are both facing in your relationship.

Some people think that codependency can preserve the relationship or prevent breakups but this is completely wrong. Although codependency may help the relationship to survive a bit longer still in the end it will result in a terrible collapse.

In addition the codependent partner will suffer from guilt, fears and anxieties as long as he keeps doing his codependent behavior.

If you are not sure whether you are codependent or not then click the below link which will tell you about the signs of codependency. If you realized that you are a codependent person then start seeking treatment right away before this problem ruins your life.

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