Do beautiful people feel more confident

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I am a model and i feel insecure

Few days ago i came across a very interesting video. It was a Ted talk by the very pretty famous model Cameron Russell. Cameron was brave enough to surprise the audience by saying that she will say the things most models never talk about and then she shocked the audience by saying "I am a model and i feel insecure"

But how can a very beautiful person like her feel insecure?
We all know that many people lack confidence because they aren't pretty enough so how can a person who knows he is very beautiful feel insecure?

While Cameron's talk wasn't detailed enough i managed to extract some of the facts that helped me realize why she said so. By the way Cameron wasn't talking about a personal case because in the same video she said that she meets other models all the time (obviously) and that they are the most insecure people on earth.

Do beautiful people feel more confident

Cameron pointed two reasons for the feelings of insecurity models feel and the first was being surrounded by more beautiful women. This brings us to a very important fact; the way we see others is way different than the way they see themselves.

People, especially women, always compare themselves to others. And while ordinary people compare themselves to other ordinary people super models compare themselves to other super models. The final result is that so many people feel insecure out of those comparisons even if they were very beautiful. (see also How the internet changed physical attractiveness preferences)

Now the reason we think that all extremely beautiful people are super confident is that there are very few brave people like Cameron who tell the whole truth. I am not trying to say that all extremely beautiful people are insecure but i am just pointing your attention to the fact that being super attractive won't help you with your self confidence if you still see the world from the wrong angle.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the way you see the world and analyze events can either make you very confident or can ruin your self confidence. Self confidence is not about what you have or own as much as it's about how you think of what you have.

The pressure to look good

The second reason Cameron pointed out is that all models are always pressured to look great all the time. If for any reason a model didn't look perfect on a certain day then she might feel less confident simply because very high standards were set for her by others. (see also Why you should be confident even when you are not successful)

In a previous article i explained how the child who grows up in a home that sets very high standards for him and that expects him to become very successful usually suffers from self confidence issues as a result of failing to meet his parents' expectations. (see 10 killer tips for building self confidence

In other words the achievements you make in life might make you more confident or ruin confidence depending on the standards that were already set in your mind.

So what's the takeaway here?
You need to realize that resources or the lack of them only affect a person because of his way of thinking. A resourceful person might lack confidence while a one who has less resources might feel more confident.

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