The connection between worrying and self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When worrying becomes a habit

Recent studies have shown that people who keep worrying for prolonged periods of time turn into compulsive worriers. This means that the habit of worrying can actually be developed as a result of continues worrying. Some studies have even shown that the brain structure of people who worry a lot changes so that it becomes easier for them to worry later on.

Lets suppose you had an unstable internet connection and lots of work to do each day. If it happened many times that the internet connection was lost while you were working then there is a big possibility that you might worry again while doing your work.

In such a case worrying is caused by fear. The fear that the past repeats itself is the main drive behind your worries. After all your mind always wants you to reach your goals and because your mind thinks that the same event might occur again it makes you worry so that you do something about it.

Now what most people do when they worry is that they try to do anything that distracts them in order to feel good and this is why they become compulsive worriers. After all by running away from the threats you are just allowing them to remain there forever.

The connection between worrying and self confidence

Now what if you subscribed to a new internet company that is believed to be much more stable. In such a case you will still worry for few times but as the threat seems unlikely to happen your mind will calm down and worrying will disappear.

In other words when the event that made you worry stops happening for sometime your mind will feel safe and give up worrying on that issue. So the conclusion you should have reached is that to end worrying you need to convince your mind that whatever you are worrying about will never happen again.

But this can never happen before you take serious measures to ensure that you fixed the root cause of the problem. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that so many people live with low self confidence forever because they never work on the issues that cause their self doubts.

If for example you are not sure of your communication skills then there is a big possibility that you will mess up in social meetings and as a result your worrying will never go away. In order to end worrying for good you need to develop good skills then put those skills to test many times until your mind makes sure that your worst fears will never happen again.

What if there is no way to prevent the worst case from happening

If its not possible to create such a belief in a way or another then you need a different strategy. In my article How to end worrying in 5 minutesi said that adapting yourself to face the worst case can be a very quick solution for ending worrying.

However this solution will only work if you have a way of making the worst case bearable. This solution shouldn't be used to build self confidence because in such a case building the missing skills is the way out.

But in case of worrying about losing a job, getting sick or any other uncontrollable factor then preparing yourself for the worst case is the option you should go for.

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