Gratitude and happiness (The truth about them)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The happiness stone

There used to be a man who lived a miserable life. He went to one of his friends and asked him for help so he gave him a black stone and told him "whenever you feel bad you should just take a look at it and you will feel better"

The man took the stone and while walking back home he noticed that hundreds of other people who look sad have the same stone. One day the man felt really bad so he brought the stone and looked at it then said “Now I will be happy”

“No you will never feel happy, you are loaded with problems” replied a voice coming from his mind. The man suddenly realized that he is fooling himself, how can a stone make him feel happy if he have unsolved problems??

He went out to the streets and started watching those who carry similar stones and he noticed that all of them were already feeling bad!!

So what does this has to do with happiness? Actually in our lives we were given tons of stones that never work and we were programmed to rely on the stones rather than take actions to bring real happiness.

The truth about Negative thinking

Negative thinking stems from unsolved problems plus an pessimistic outlook to life. Even though positive thinking can be a bit helpful in making you feel better still your unsolved problems will result in more negative thoughts.

Leave your problems unsolved and think of all the positive thoughts in the world and you will end up depressed. In this case positive thinking will be like the stone the man used. Everyone uses it and no one gets any results.

This world was designed for those who take actions not for those who look at stones or think positively. Positive thinking can help you be more optimistic while working on your plans but without a solid plan all positive thoughts in the world wont help you feel good.

Gratitude and happiness

Try to cure depression by gratitude and you will only feel worse. Try to be grateful for the good things you have and you will find voices coming from your mind telling you that you are unhappy and that you are fooling yourself.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how depression can never be cured unless the real unsolved problems are tackled.

If you lost the person you loved then you should either get him back or educate yourself on how to forget him but if you tried to be a positive thinker or become grateful then your mind will scream back at you with a more severe depression.

Yes gratitude can make you feel better but depending on gratitude alone without taking strong actions to change the things that are bothering you will lead you to more pain.

Positive thinking, being grateful, affirmations are all stones that will be completely useless unless you use them to motivate yourself while working on the real solutions instead of becoming a dreamer and relying on them. (see Do affirmations work).

Happiness can only be experienced when we fight for it and bring it by force but if we became dreamers and depended on such stones our minds will realize that we are lying and so we will never feel happy.(see Lying to yourself).

If you want to get something out of life then take it by force, positive thinking and the law of attraction won’t help you at all. Life only helps the strong.

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