How frustration can help you find your goals

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What frustration really is

Ever had that dream that you are trying to complete something but were unable to do it even though you kept trying?

This is a very famous dream that comes in different forms but and of its famous forms is trying to write something over and over without succeeding. See dreaming that you are not prepared for an exam.

That dream is usually very direct and it's meaning is very simple. You are really frustrated and can't really do something about it.

Do you know what frustration really is?
Frustration is a feeling a person gets when he finds himself unable to reach one or more of his important goals. Let's suppose that you were on your way to work, in such a case your simple goal is to arrive on time.

Now what if you suddenly found the roads very crowded?
In such a case you will certainly experience frustration. So in simple words frustration is a feeling experienced when something blocks the path to reaching your goals.

When Frustration takes different forms

Life isn't usually that direct. The Frustration that happens to a person can easily take different forms, for example in some cases frustration can turn into indifference. This lack of motivation you are experiencing can be nothing more than a state of frustration that took a different form.

Depression is also another form that Frustration can take. Many psychologists describe some cases of depression as anger that is turned inwards. In other words when you get really frustrated but can't convert your frustration to action you might actually get depressed.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i also said that failing to take the right actions can turn your ambition into depression. Again this is a case where frustration takes a different form and causes bad emotions.

But the important question here is: why does frustration sometimes take different forms?
The simple answer is : that depends on your own responses. If you did nothing about your frustration, acted like you don't care and ignored the issue causing that frustration then you are very likely to experience some negative emotions.

How frustration can help you find your goals

As you might have already concluded frustration can help out find out the important things you care about in life. But i am not just talking about the normal feelings of frustration , for those usually point to obvious goals, but i am also referring to all the negative emotions you get as a result of frustration.

Depression, sadness, loss of hope, indifference and many of the other negative emotions you experience can actually help you know exactly what you want in life.

So many people send me emails telling me that they don't know what they want in life but as soon as those people examine their emotions from this point of view they quickly find out the things they really care about.

Frustration in all of its forms can help you find out your life goals and your life purpose.

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