How peer pressure affects teenagers

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How peer pressure affects teenagers

In my previous article How peer pressure affects you I explained how a person’s performance can be influenced by his peers either positively or negatively.

I have also explained how people tend to perform well at a task that they are good at when audience are watching and how people perform badly in difficult tasks when they are supervised or watched.

In this article I will explain one of the most dangerous aspects of peer pressure which can reduce a teen’s self confidence and prevent him from feeling worthy.

How peer pressure affects self confidence of teenagers

Everyone wants to be accepted and loved and that’s why most teens try to conform to the group they belong to by wearing similar clothes and adopting similar behavior.

But do you know that peer pressure don’t just force teens to act in a certain way but it can also affect their self confidence in a bad way?

If a teen lacks self confidence then he is most likely to interpret social situations in a negative way that matches his beliefs about his own self worth. In the Solid Self confidence program I explained how people make biased interpretations of situations for the sake of supporting what they believe in.

That teen is also likely to negatively interpret situations that happen to his friends. For example, if someone didn’t say hi to a teen in a good way then his friend who lacks confidence might tell him something like "take care, I believe this guy doesn’t like you"

This false interpretation will be absorbed by the friend and will affect his self confidence in a negative way!! So after all if one friend lacks self confidence he might lower the confidence of the whole group and vise versa.

Why is peer pressure so powerful among teens

All recent researches have proven that humans are extremely receptive to suggestions especially when they come from close people or trusted sources (see Subconscious mind programming). When a teen tells his friend something he might accept the suggestion and form a false belief based on it.

If every time something bad happens to a teen his friends interpret it in a negative way then this teen will believe that there is something wrong with him and he will feel less confident.

In order to overcome the effect of teenage peer pressure teens must learn how to filter the suggestions they receive from their friends on daily basis instead of accepting them without question.

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