How the collective unconscious affects people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

No, I am not talking about Carl Jung's Collective unconscious

Carl Jung, a great psychologist, came up with the concept of the collective unconscious which i strongly disagree with. Jung said that all humans are born with a certain universal unconscious that is distinct from their experiences. In other words if something happened to native warrior thousands of years ago it might still affect you today, sounds like nonsense right?

If you have been reading 2knowmyself articles for a while then most probably you noticed that it's a place for logical thinkers where only logical and practical stuff are said. This is why am against most of the theories that doesn't make sense to the rational mind and that can't be verified with practical steps.

So what is the collective unconscious i am going to talk about?

Let's suppose that a person had a certain unmet need that made him want to be popular. In such a case the subconscious mind of that person might work on helping him achieve that goal through dreams, emotions and all the other subconscious mechanisms.

For example if that person moved away from his goal then his subconscious mind might send him bad emotions in order to bring him back on track and if that person still didn't listen then he might see nightmares at night just because his subconscious mind is trying to scare him to work properly towards his goals.

This was just a simple example that shows how the subconscious mind can affect one's life. Now what if a whole tribe or a whole nation had a certain important unconscious goal?

What if a whole nation was living in poverty?
In such a case that group of people might have many similarities in their subconscious minds since they all have common unconscious goals of salvation and redemption.

How the collective unconscious affects people

In my previous article Where do fairy tales come from i explained how myths and fairy tales can be a reflection of the collective unconscious of a nation or a tribe.

If a whole nation was being subject to oppression then fairy tales about redemption and salvation might be developed. The collective unconscious of a nation can determine its proverbs, fairy tales and collective beliefs.

If a nation feels week then tales about strength might circulate around just because they appeal to the unconscious minds of most people (or to their collective unconscious according to my own definition).

Thus by finding out more about a nation's beliefs you can easily access their collective unconscious and understand the dynamics that control their behaviour and thoughts.

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