where do fairy tales come from

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people create fairy tales

Why are there so many fairy tales?
Why would people invent a story with very complex elements for entertainment purposes only?

Apart from the fact that fairy tales can be used for entertainment, to put children to sleep and to help people live in a more interesting imaginary world still there are some in depth psychological reasons behind their creation.

In many of my articles i talked about the Unmet needs and the Subconscious goals and explained how they affect one's life. Those needs and goals usually motivate people to take certain directions in life and to shape their thoughts and beliefs.

But all of what i said earlier was on the individual level. Now what if a whole community had the same unconscious goal? What if a whole race had an important unmet need?

These collective unmet needs and unconscious goals are very likely to result in a group action of compensation such as the creation of a fairy tale. Thus a fairy tale can be the method of compensation a whole society uses to fulfill some of its important unmet needs.

Quick Analysis of a Romanian fairy tale

In a Romanian fairy tale called "The cat" a story is told about a woman who was turned into a cat by some kind of spell. This woman then seduces a man to live in her new kingdom then eventually motivates him to do some actions to break the spell that was imposed on her and to bring her to her human shape. In the end the man broke the spell and married the woman ,who was a cat, and lived happily.

Now when we look at the era where this fairy tale was constructed we clearly see that women were oppressed at that time. During that time it was a man's world and everything connected to females was considered inferior.

This tale was the reflection of the unconscious desire of many oppressed women who wanted to feel in control. The fact that in the tale the cat, which resembles women, was superior, in control, and powerful satisfied women's desire of feeling more important during such an era.

In many parts of the tale invisible hands , that are commanded by the cat, have beaten the man. That's another very clear sign that the desire to be superior to men have shaped a great part of that fairy tale.

Is that it?

I'd be saying nonsense if i said that everything happens in the world for a reason because Everything happens for multiple reasons. There are so many angles from which you can analyze things and all of them can still be correct.

The above analysis might explain some of the parts in the tale but certainly some other theories can explain different elements in the tale.

The main concept i want you to grasp is that the collective beliefs of a nation or a community can result in the creation of a fairy tale that helps them satisfy their basic unmet needs and reach their unconscious goals.

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