How to accept loss in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to Recover from ALL loses

This is an Article by guest author Pavle Gardijan who is also a close friend:)

Have you experienced a tremendous loss such as the death of a family member and you feel like you will never recover?
You lost something irreplaceable and cannot accept it?
You think that your loss is unique and thus you suffer more than the others?

Let go of eternity… for now

Then let me open your eyes to the world we live in so you can start healing immediately.

You probably noticed that everything around you changes all the time? People age, green leaves grow and then fall down from the tree, music on your favorite radio station changes, you fall in and out of love, weather changes, your mood might change depending on what you experienced that day and so on and on the changes happen around you all the time.

Before you became you, many atoms in your body were made in ancient stars that created carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. These important elements build all life forms. But these elements aren’t part of those stars anymore; they are now part of us. And tomorrow they will be part of something else.

One day far in the future even our Sun will eventually cool off and our planet will fall silent. No one will even know we were here. Maybe a meteor will eventually strike our Earth and everything will turn into a fine dust or a black hole will eat up our entire galaxy. It really doesn't matter, because changes will happen and then something new will form.

Can you see the pattern here, we live in a world where nothing lasts forever and everything is changing from one form into another.

So when a change happens in your life, know that:

  • 1)Everything and everyone experiences changes
  • 2)Losing things is as normal as gaining them
  • 3)There is hope that something is still eternal

What matters then if everything changes?

So what then truly matters in a world where you can't leave anything behind because it will sooner or later change into something else through processes beyond your control?

The answer is simple: the time spent and the way you lived your life. That's the one thing that will never change.

And because nothing exists without its opposite, the change must be counterbalanced by something eternal in its form or else the change cannot exist on its own. (Everything we define must have an opposite.)

My personal belief is that the eternal force beyond our comprehension, call it a God if you will, is interested in the one thing that matters: the time and the way you lived your life.

So now that you know in what world we live in, try to accept the changes as natural, let go of eternity (for now) and know that your pain is only temporary. The change will eventually touch everything and everyone around you. No one can escape this process.

Be strong, prove yourself, fight for yourself and live a good life. Make your time matter, be the best possible version of yourself while you are here and maybe someone up there will notice that. And only good can come from shining in the only thing that matters - the time and the way you lived your life.

Good luck and take care of yourself! :-)

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