How to recover instantly from bad moods

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is instant recovery possible

Is it possible to recover instantly from a bad mood?
Before i tell you whether that's possible or not let me tell you a short true story.

Sam liked to play football but he broke his leg one day while playing. He felt intense pain but couldn't find a way to stop it. Sam decided to meditate to end the pain but nothing happened. Sam then tried to be positive and to forget about his pain but shortly his nerves reminded him of it.

One of Sam's friends suggested traveling somewhere or changing the routine in order to kill the pain. Sam decided to try both suggestions. While traveling Sam's pain increased as he had to drag his broken leg as he moved.

While Sam was resting on a bench in a public garden a wise man saw him and realized that he was suffering. The man approached Sam and asked him why is he feeling bad and Sam responded saying that he has done everything to end the pain but it never went away.

The wise man told Sam "You have done everything to end the pain but the one thing that could end it" . "Put your legs in cast" the man said.

Sam tried that suggestion and suddenly the pain disappeared.
End of story.

Hello Sam

I wasn't lying when i said that this is a true story. Almost everyone of us have been to Sam's place before. We try to solve problems using all possible methods except the one that can truly solve them.

You feel bad because you lost a job then you decide to mediate to end the pain!
You feel bad because you are not rich then you try to travel or change your routine.
You feel bad because you never achieved your goals then you try to practice positive thinking and gratitude
You find yourself feeling down because life is treating you badly then get into a relationship to feel better

How many times have you tried to solve a problem by doing something totally unrelated to the problem?
How many times you decided to change a routine in response to a financial crisis?
How many times you decided to travel to forget about your horrible or stressful life?

Sam's story is more popular among us than you can imagine. For some reason the majority of people get eluded easily by side plans that can hardly affect the main problem or solve it.

Yes practicing gratitude , meditating and thinking positively can help you execute your plan but if any of those things became your plan then are doomed. See how to not use positive thinking.

Is it possible to recover instantly from bad moods

Depending on the type of the problem it could be possible to recover instantly from the pain by taking instant actions. Of course in some cases the solution can require some time but as long as you are working on one your mood will keep improving as you progress in your plan.

Tackle your problems directly, understand what makes you tick and then follow a practical plan. There are so many beautiful philosophical concepts out there but when it comes to ending pain philosophy alone never works.

Let me summarize this article in one word. MOVE.

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