How to use reverse psychology to attract people to you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is reverse psychology

Reverse psychology is the term referring to the use of language to get people to do something by telling them to do the opposite. I gave an example earlier in my article when i said that a stubborn person might be more likely to do the opposite if he felt he is being forced to do something.

However that's not the only way reverse psychology can be used. Reverse psychology can be extended to be implemented in your behaviour so that you can still persuade people to do things without talking by just taking the right set of actions.

So can reverse psychology help you in attracting people to you?
The answer is certainly it can.

In this article i will tell you how to apply reverse psychology to become more attractive and to make people feel like perusing you.

How to use reverse psychology to attract people to you

Let's suppose that you arrived to place where 3 beautiful people were standing and that you had to approach one of them to ask about something. By going for the least beautiful person and not giving attention to the most beautiful one you will be using reserve psychology.

Here is why it works: The most beautiful person will assume that everyone wants to approach them. But when you surprise them by going for other people they will start to wonder why you did so.

And just as i said in my book How to make someone fall in love with you such a spark of thoughts might be the first and most important trigger you need to do to make someone fall for you.

Those simple thoughts might grow bigger until the person stars wondering who you are, why are you acting that way and why do you think you are too good to ignore a beautiful person.

Acting like you don't care

Another powerful way to use reverse psychology is acting like you don't care. So many people does that wrong by giving negative signs to others but that way usually back fires. Indifference is a powerful confusing signal that can make people wonder why you are ignoring them while negative reactions are signs that you are interested & frustrated ( See also How to know if someone likes you in 30 minutes).

By being indifferent when a person is confident the most or when they expect you to be needy the most you would be using reverse psychology without actually doing any extra effort.

Most people, especially women, are turned off by needy people who seem to have nothing to do in life but to pursue them. By using reverse psychology, being more unpredictable and taking unexpected actions you will become much more attractive to people.

In my previous article Why Being mysterious works i explained how people tend to think more about the things , and the people, they don't understand fully. When you become less predictable people will think about you even more and when that happens your chance of filling their minds will become much greater.

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