How watching porn can kill your motivation and make you lazy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Dopamine and motivation

Ever woke up one day feeling very energetic then after watching porn or masturbation you felt like you don't want to get anything done?

Some studies were conducted to find out how porn affects the brain and many of them confirmed the finding that watching porn can actually kill motivation and make you lazy.

But how does this happen?
In my article How masturbation can ruin your mood i explained how porn triggers the release of an excessive amount of the chemical Dopamine.

Dopamine is chemical responsible for the go-get-it attitude or in simple words motivation. While watching porn a very amount of Dopamine is released and this is why a person might find himself hocked to the screen, unable to leave and so motivated to keep looking or more pornographic material.

For the the first instance this might not sound so bad, right?
After all what's the problem with getting motivated to do something enjoyable?
Well the problem here is what happens after the session ends.

How porn kills your motivation

In order to get motivated to do anything , let's say exercise, you need a certain amount of Dopamine to be released. This amount motivates your body and brain to seek rewards and as a result you feel like doing that thing.

But what if that amount of Dopamine released failed to motivated you? What if your brain grew tolerant to Dopamine that the same amount can hardly motivate you?

This is exactly what porn does to your brain. By getting you used to an elevated amount of Dopamine your naturally released dopamine fails to move you because it's so low compared to the dose you got used to.

Do you know why drug addicts usually keep increasing their drug dosages?
They simply do so because as their brains become tolerant to certain levels of chemicals they need even more chemicals to experience the same amount of pleasure.

Now when you watch porn regularly you are actually messing up the motivation-reward circuits in the brain. This is why some people even report feeling demotivated and lazy for 24 hours , and sometimes more, after watching porn. See also how porn addiction can cause feelings of inferiority.

Porn addiction and brain damage

In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that some studies are starting to point out that porn addiction can lead to brain damage.

According to some studies the large amounts of chemicals released while watching porn can be too much for the brain to take and as a result the brain might shrink and the frontal lobe might be damaged. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain responsible for decision making and this is why some of those studies have said that porn addiction can lead to taking messed up and impulsive decisions.

Many people have compared porn to drug addition and even said that porn addiction is more dangerous because it doesn't get much attention as drug addiction.

Try to abstain from watching porn and masturbation for few weeks and see how motivated you will get.

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