Porn addiction can be connected to doubts about masculinity

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Am i man enough?

In one psychological theory it's said that parents who put a lot of pressure on their child to succeed end up having a kid who feels inferior. When a person is put under a certain pressure to achieve something he might get frustrated if he failed to reach that thing. Inferiority isn't the only side effect of such pressure but lack of courage is another side effect that could be developed as a result.

In such a case the person might decide to evade the problem all together in order to avoid being evaluated by the people pressuring him.

So what does this have to do with masturbation?

I have said earlier that most males are pressured to have extreme masculine traits. The effects of the media and society have resulted in putting a great deal of pressure on males to act in a manly way. Because so many men fail to keep up with those impossible standards they don't just feel inferior but they also try to find other coping strategies to prove that they are manly enough.

In my previous article why some men spread adult jokes i explained how some men spread adult jokes because they unconsciously want to be perceived as more manly.

Sex and manliness

Manliness is always connected with sex in almost every society. This is why many men seek treatments to get larger penises. See also Why many men want bigger penis.

Under the effect of those wrong beliefs a man might start to think that he must be good at sex , or anything related to it , in order to be a real man.

Many of the men who feel inferior try to seek different methods to feel more manly and just as you may have guessed masturbation is one of those methods.

Many males , and not all of them of course, get addicted to masturbation because they unconsciously want to prove that they are manly enough. But the question is, what's the connection between excessive masturbation and manliness?

The answer is simple, by convincing himself that he is addicted to masturbation because he has a high libido a man can psychologically force his mind to believe that he is man enough. In the ultimate guide to breaking porn and masturbation addiction i said that most of those men don't know that porn addiction has little to do with sexual desire. Porn addiction is in most cases connected to dopamine addiction , a happiness chemical that the brain craves, and is hardly connected to sexual desire.

Does this method of compensation work?

The short answer is no.
As a male does his best to compensate for his feelings of inferiority , that result from the fact that he thinks that he isn't man enough, the original factors that resulted in the inferiority kick in and make things worse.

After a while the masturbation addict realizes that he is still not a man enough in other life areas and so he feels even worse. See also Does having low testosterone make you less of a man

The soloution in such a case is fixing the wrong beliefs about manliness and seeking proper methods such as building self esteem instead of trying to compensate to hide a perceived flaw.

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