Does having low testosterone make you less of a man

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The testosterone complex

The testosterone complex is a term i came up with to describe the fact that most men strive to appear more manly while many women strive to be as strong as men.

Many Men try to build muscles , show strength and take risks to prove that they are more manly. The obsession with being more manly seems to have taken over the mind of the majority of men.

Testosterone is called the male hormone. Even the terminology itself implies that having more Testosterone makes you more of a man. Yes Testosterone fuels some manly behavior such as aggression and competitiveness but can this make us conclude that having high Testosterone makes you more of a man?

Testosterone and the environment

Provided that everything else is constant the man who has high Testosterone would display more manly behaviour such as courage, risk taking, increased self esteem and higher levels of competitiveness. But the interesting fact in here is that Testosterone alone can't change the behavior unless it interacts with the environment in a certain way.

It's the combination of your hormones and the environmental factors that interact with them that determines who you are. For example low levels of Testosterone are connected with depression but i have seen happy males with low Testosterone and depressed males who have high Testosterone.

I have also seen males with high Testosterone but total lack of courage and i have seen extremely brave people with low levels of Testosterone.

In other words the way you were raised, your beliefs, your environment and so many other factors determine the extent with which your hormonal levels will affect you.

This is why working on improving your personality and being a better person can make you a better man with disregard to your hormonal levels.

Who is the real man

The real man is the one who fights for his goals without giving up. The real man is the one who don't come up with excuses to evade responsibility. The real man is the one who never lowers his standards just because he thinks that he can't do better.

The real man is the one who doesn't get affected by failures and who doesn't let the different obstacles stop him.

In other words the testosterone thing is overrated. A person can be a macho man with big muscles and a very angry looking face yet he might be unable to face life or face his problems. A person can also be very slim with a kind look on his face yet he can be more manly than many of the macho men out there.

The takeaway is As long as you are working on your personality don't worry about your hormonal levels.

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