Why do some guys try to act tough

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some men idolize masculinity?

Since children are born they get to learn everything about the world through their care givers and community. Phrases like "don't cry be a man" or "be strong like a man" program the child's mind with concepts that idolizes masculinity.

At an early age the child starts connecting masculinity with good traits such as strength, endurance and power. Up until this stage nothing bad happens but later on when the concept of masculinity is over emphasized many male children start to feel inferior because of believing that they are not that masculine.

In my previous article The masculine protest i explained how some females try to act like males because they were unconsciously thought that that men are much better than women.

In this article i am going to talk about men who try to exaggerate their masculinity just because there were put under severe pressure by the society.

Why do some guys try to act tough

In many of my articles i spoke about the way the media programs the mind negatively and the same happens when it promotes masculinity. A hero male in the TV looks usually like Chris hemthworth. A macho man, with ripped muscles, wide shoulders and of course extremely handsome looks.

Now when the average man gets exposed to such images his mind automatically starts making comparisons (whether he was aware of them or not) then ends up feeling that he is not a man enough.

Add to this the pressure coming from the society that keeps urging the poor male to act like a man and you won't wonder why some males fail to meet those demands.

As a result some men try to compensate by trying to appear extremely masculine. The use of steroids to become extremely muscular, the act of cursing and swearing all the time and even the habit of telling adult jokes all the time are all tools that some men use to assert their masculinity. (see also Assesing someone's beliefs using jokes)

I am a tough guy

Acting tough, treating others without kindness and being cold are also ways that some men use to show that they are tough and strong.

Some people get the concept of masculinity wrong and think that being mean is one way to appear masculine. Of course in human behavior you can never assume that all people who do the same behavior do it for the same reason.

But as i said in my article How to read a person like a book you just need to find more than one behavior that serve the same purpose then connect them together. Once more than one clue point to the same psychological need then you can make sure that this need exists.

If so many actions were done to assert the presence of masculinity then you can make sure that this man has problems with his masculinity.

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