Why many men want bigger penis

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The world we live in

In order to understand any of the strange phenomena you see in the world you have to first understand how the world works.

We live in a masculine world. Even if this fact sounds unpleasant it's sill a fact. The world we live in idolizes masculine values and looks down upon femine ones. Even our language conveys that fact indirectly. 'Man up' means be strong and brave, 'you have got balls' means that you are brave and so many of our words and expressions indirectly assert how the world think of masculinity and femininity.

The world we live in forces upon us the belief that every masculine thing is strong and good while every feminine thing is weak and bad. As a result of this stereotyping process many women feel inferior to men while many men feel inferior because of not believing that they are manly enough. See why many women feel insecure.

The men who feel that they are not as manly as the the society and media wants them to be usually go lengthens by compensating in different directions.

In a previous article i said that many men spread adult jokes because they have the unconscious desire to sound more manly.

Those needs extend to other life areas

Under that kind of pressure many men start looking for socially acceptable solutions to look good such as going to the gym. Had the society been less judgmental many of those men would have gone for plastic surgery to look more manly. See also do men care about their own looks.

Those men can go further by consuming steroids and other dangerous supplements in order to look as macho as possible. This craze also extends to the sex life. Most men believe that their sexual performance is a direct indication of their masculinity.

This is why so many men care about improving their sexual performance. Apart from the fact that men want to have longer sex they also want to protect their masculine image by proving that they are good at sex.

And this brings us to the topic of the article which is caring about the penis size. Many men care about the penis size because they have connected it directly to their masculinity.

A man with a small penis might feel less manly just because the society around him has been idolizing masculine values to a great extent.

Even though the society doesn't directly mention penis size as a sign of masculinity a man easily concludes it indirectly and so he starts to seek solutions in order to protect his masculine image.

Its all about manhood

This is why you always see on the internet ads for products that promise penis enlargement. This promise is just another face of the promise to be more manly and masculine.

The same also happen with short men. Many short men believe that being taller makes them more manly. Many short men envy taller ones and wish they were few inches taller. Just like some men try to increase their penis size other men also do the same in order to become taller. See do short men have a chance.

In the end most of those actions can be summed up in one thing which is the desire to be more manly and strong.

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