Do men care about their own looks

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Men are under pressure too

Most people know that women do care about their looks a lot. Many studies have shown that women's self esteem go down when they see more beautiful women on TV. Women are always pressured to look good, to lose weight and to be flawless but what about men?

Do men care about their looks as much as women do?
Before i answer that question let's first talk about the collective unconscious of people. If so many people had a hidden desire that they can't talk about then this desire will take another form and appear in a different way.

For example Very little men talk about extremely twisted sexual desires but the fact that many porn sites feature some of these weird fantasies shows that a great part of men's desires are actually hidden from society.

So many men care about their own looks as much as women do but they just can't speak it out.
Just take a look at today's movies and you will easily realize that men are under intense pressure to look good as well.

You can hardly find a male movie star who don't look really good. The woman usually falls in love with that star from the first sight and this sends an indirect message to the minds of men that looks are extremely important. See also where do beauty standards come from.

Imagine a man going for plastic surgery

Imagine you met a guy who has plaster on his nose because he just had a nose job. How will society think of that man?

The common stereotype the society set for men is that they shouldn't care about their looks and so the large number of men who actually do hide that fact in order not to look odd or less manly. See also do looks really matter to women.

I get so many emails from people who want to look better and many of them are actually men. So many men don't like their looks yet they can't do anything about it because they live in a society that looks down upon men who care about their looks even though this society is formed of men who actually do.

All men care about attracting women and if they realized ,through the media, that women care a lot about looks then they will care about their own looks as well even if they didn't declare it. This is exactly the case that is happening today. See also do men only care about looks.

Looking more macho

Men care about looks but from a different angle. Women want to look feminine and attractive while men want to look macho and attractive. The pressure present on women forces them to want to look feminine while the pressure present on men makes them want to look tough and strong.

Many men will say that they go to the gym because they want to be healthy while in so many cases they just want to improve their looks and look more manly. Some men even go extreme lengths by taking growth hormone supplement and testosterone doses in order to accelerate muscle growth.

Just like some women will be eager to enlarge their lips or make them fuller some men will also be eager to enlarge their bodies to look as manly as they always wanted to be.

In short, men do care about looks but they just can't declare it directly not to seem less manly.

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