The positive psychological effects of plastic surgery

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can plastic surgery help?

In my previous article should i do plastic surgery i explained how many people do plastic surgery to feel self confident yet still feel the same after the surgery.

I also explained how a self image problem can hardly be eliminated with plastic surgery since the problem is usually in the person's perception and not his looks.

In other words if you have a self image problem because you see yourself incorrectly then plastic surgery might not be able to help you.

But to be fair i also have to list the positive advantages of plastic surgery and this is why i decided to write this article.

When plastic surgery gives a lasting self confidence

Your perception of attractiveness depends on your own beliefs. If you believe that an obese person is lazy then you won't find obese people attractive and you will lose your confidence if you became obese.

If on the other hand you believed that obese people are healthier then you will find them more attractive and as a result you won't care if you gained some weight.

Now what if you believed your nose looks bad?
In such a case it's really hard to like your own looks or to accept yourself simply because your subconscious mind isn't happy with your nose and thinks it's ugly.

If you really disliked your nose , and it wasn't just your perception, then certainly plastic surgery will give you a powerful self confidence boost.

You will feel in control and less helpless

People feel helpless when they come across things that they can't change. To many people looks are among those things they believe they can't change and as a result many people feel helpless because of that.

When a person changes his looks , through plastic surgery, he might get an instant feeling of being in control. The person might also feel less helpless and more confident.

You will feel happier

When a person dislikes something about his looks he will usually feel bad whenever he comes across a reminder that reminds him of his looks.

Seeing an attractive person, hearing someone talking about an attractive person or even seen an ad featuring an attractive person can ruin the mood of a person who doesn't like his looks (See the causes of mood swings).

If the operation went as intended then all of those moments will no longer have an effect on the person and so he might become much happier.

Will plastic surgery make you happier?

The answer to this question depends on the reason you are currently feeling bad. If all you had was a perception problem or a self confidence issue that is forcing you to see yourself as an ugly person then plastic surgery won't affect you.

Shortly after the surgery you will feel that you became ugly again and you will feel like doing another surgery. On the other hand, if you were 100 percent certain that one of your features is making you ugly then surgery might be a very good idea.

So is plastic surgery good or bad?
Well it depends on the case.

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